Crisis averted between the Christian world and Turkey

Crisis averted between the Christian world and Turkey

Here is a piece of news first: There would have been a very serious April 24 crisis between Turkey and the Christian world. The crisis was averted at the last minute. 

Here is what happened: Pope Francis was set to visit Yerevan, Armenia, on April 24. After Yerevan, he was to visit Turkey. However, with Turkey’s initiative, his visit to Yerevan on April 24 has been cancelled. 

The Armenian diaspora transforming this visit into a “genocide ceremony” has been prevented. 

After that a speech was to come at the Vatican on April 24. That has also been changed by Turkey’s initiatives. 

Now, the Pope will deliver a speech on April 12. Will he use the word “genocide” in that speech? The Armenian diaspora’s effort to turn this speech into a “genocide ceremony” is known. 

If the Pope had attended a ceremony in Yerevan on April 24, this would have been hailed as a victory by the diaspora on the centennial of the “genocide claims.”

And indeed, it would have turned into a major crisis between the Christian world and Turkey. 
Fortunately, this will not happen.

Now, let us go into details.

I am writing this piece from St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. 

The sacred week’s starting ceremony has been held. There was an enormous crowd. People came from all places. They were given olive branches. Live transmission vehicles were present. A latest-technology sound system was present and the voice of the chorus can be heard from everywhere in the square. 

Writing in such an atmosphere made the perfect décor for the theme. 

The other evening, I listened to a Vatican fact beyond Dan Brown’s imagination at a banquet given by our Rome ambassador, Aydın Sezgin. I happened to be seated next to our Vatican ambassador, Professor Mehmet Paçacı. 

Of course we spoke. I have to say this first: It was a very good decision to appoint a theologian with a high degree of intellectual capacity to the Vatican instead of a diplomat. 

Professor Paçacı is a very valuable scientist, and of course he has adopted diplomacy. 

During the meal, I was able to learn a lot.

This point was very important: “If the Pope had gone to Yerevan on April 24, there would have been a serious crisis because he would have caused the genocide claims to be included in such propaganda. But this did not happen with Turkey’s influence…”

Actually, Professor Paçacı did not tell me the effect of his own initiative, because of his humbleness. I learned it later. 

The diaspora’s efforts to turn April 2015 into a “genocide ceremony” did not yield any results at the Yerevan leg.  

Now, the Pope’s April 12 speech is being awaited with curiosity.  

If he uses the word “genocide” in that ceremony, then those who want to transform it into a “genocide ceremony” may have an opportunity. 

This is where April 12 stands; from the point of a crisis. 

“We have said that we are ready to open all kinds of archives to find out historic facts. We have also suggested a commission. These are all known. For this reason, I do not expect the Pope to use that expression,” Professor Paçacı said.

Yes, the critical day between the Christian world and Turkey is April 12. 

We will wait and see…