Can there be a new era with Germany?

Can there be a new era with Germany?

I have asked this question to experienced diplomats I know from different perspectives.

Here is the summary of the answers:

Elections were held in Germany. Every election is a renewal and every renewal is a new chance to solve a crisis.

Its reason is actually clear: “The increasing racist votes in Europe and Germany.”

This rise in right-wing extreme and racism that threatens the future of Europe can again only be prevented in Germany.

Because Germany is the leading power in Europe and is also a big space of civilization just like Anatolia.

Even more, Germany can choose to put up a collective struggle with Turkey against increasing racism.

When we look at it from this perspective, maybe the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) were unable to reach their goals but it inflicted major damage on Europe.

It developed the “buds of foreign enmity” in the minds of the European people and fired hate.

That bud is the source of the increasing extreme racist votes.

Now, let’s come back to our question:

Can there be a new era with Germany?

My answer is clear: Of course, there can be.

Maybe it will sound very classic but the historical and cultural past between the two countries, the commercial partnerships and capacity for foreign trade is clearly visible.

And the most important thing here is the potential of the social democrats, liberals and the conservative democrats to unite against this rise in racism in Europe.

Germany’s largest geographical partner to say “stop” to the racism is Turkey.

But first it must leave behind its attitude of “looking down on others.”

Is it difficult? Yes.

Therefore, the Turkish Republic is important as it can combine every belief with democracy and secularity.

The duties of the diplomats

The solution for these kinds of crises cannot be made on the prime ministerial or presidential level.

Steps can be taken through a leader of a third country or through direct contacts between the two countries’ diplomats and businessmen.

The crisis between Turkey and Russia over the Russian jet was cleared this way.

Today, businessman Cavit Çağlar and Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s contributions are known.

For that matter, in October Cavit Çağlar will be presented a medal for his contribution to peace with a ceremony at the Russian Embassy in Ankara.

When we look at it from this perspective, Merkel’s new coalition government can take a step towards solving the crisis.

Some businessmen from Turkey and Germany and diplomats from the Foreign Ministry can do some “fine jeweler work.”

Of course here, Germany must take into consideration Turkey’s sensitivity about the July 15 coup attempt by keeping in mind the fact that the life of its president, prime minister, government members and the nation were threatened.

It is important to understand the trauma Turkey suffered from top to bottom.

National Day Opportunities

It is a diplomatic tradition in the capitals.

The level the hosting country represents during another country’s national day is an important sign.

For example, on which level will the Turkish government join a reception given by Germany in their embassy in Ankara on one of their national days?

The same goes for Germany. On which level will Germany send representatives to the reception on Oct. 29, a historic date, which marks the day of the Turkish Republic?

All of these count as the “jeweler-like diplomacy” I have mentioned above.

I hope Merkel’s new government chooses to respond against the increasing racism in Germany by normalizing its relations with Turkey.

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