Turkey’s coup plotters left all alone

Turkey’s coup plotters left all alone

"If there is one more coup in this country, I will quit this job."

That was what I said years ago.

Last night, I was reminded of this.

My conscience, character, education and my faith in democracy were all saying the same thing.

I once again understood that the only environment in which I can live is a democracy.

A regime where political parties and their leaders come and go only through elections…

There was a pleasing situation last night: None of the private broadcasters gave credit to this coup attempt.

Even people who are most angry at the president took to streets and did not support this coup attempt.

Military commanders did not support this coup attempt.

The opposition parties opposed it with all sincerity.

We saw people climbing on tanks for the first time in our lives.

This is a scene that relieves all of us. It means that our country and people, whether they vote for the ruling
party or any other, are determined to hold onto their democracy.

We have seen once again that democracy is the best system for everyone.

We should all recognize the value of democracy.

Hey, coup plotter, see what you've done?
We’ve been trying to erase the traces of coups for 36 years.

We’ve held many elections, and our politicians came and went by elections. 

We were proud that the era of coups had ended.

Now, do you see what you have done to our country?

You have turned us into a third world country that stages coups again.

This nation will never forgive you.

Coup plotter under a tank
Remember how the photograph of Boris Yeltsin on the tank influenced us all.

That was the photograph that ended the coup attempt in the Soviet Union back in 1991.

We saw the same scene in Turkey yesterday.

The public climbed onto the tanks and the coup plotters were defeated in that moment

Hey, coup plotter, do you see what the soldier you put inside that tank has become.

Do you see that you were left all alone, with no citizens behind you.