The prime minister will have to get used to it

The prime minister will have to get used to it

The prime minister was angry at a women in İzmir.
He says, “How can this be done to the prime minister?”
Somehow he does not say, “How can this be done to a person?”
He is always wearing that prime ministerial armor.
He goes to his bed at night with that armor.
Do you see the tough guy in the neighborhood?
Taking his strength either from money, force, or sticks and stones...
From those who say, “Do you know who I am?” to those who say, “Wait a minute.”
The prime minister is in that mood.
He thinks Turkey is his neighborhood and he is the tough guy in the neighborhood.

* * *

He shouts at the women from İzmir.
“How can this be done to a prime minister?!”
You went to the house of that woman and took her while she was in her pajamas.
I won’t say, “How can you do this to a woman?”
I’ll speak to you with language you will understand.

* * *

(*) If you think, “Who are these immoral women?” when looking at the women who get off the boat in Beşiktaş, then you have to get use to those women’s acts.

* * * 

If you keep insulting the women of this country who do not vote for you, organize smear campaigns over non-existing attacks on women with headscarves, and say nothing about police officers dragging women away, then you will have to get used to that finger.
You need to prepare yourself.
You will have to get used to it even if you get 50 percent.
You will have to get used to it even if you get 70 percent.
You should know that those women are no less honorable than the women in headscarves.
They are equally courageous.

It is not the Turkish flag, but hypocrisy

There will be a new video released by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) for its electoral campaign.

The film that will rouse the feeling of nationalism is apparently like this:

A hand in the dark cuts the flag on the flagpole.
Just as the flag falls down, the hands of the AKP hold it and raise the flag up on the flagpole again.
While reading the news about it, I recalled a little warning that I voiced during the days when the Kurdish opening was at its peak.
“Watch out for Turkish sensitivity,” I said.

The insults I received in one week were the following:

“Racist,” “fascist,” “blood sucker,” “prick.”
The same people are trying to attract votes over the Turkish flag.
This is shameful…
The same people who made it a shameful thing to use the word “Turk” are now making calculations to garner votes over the word “Turk.”
What can I say?
As far as I am concerned, each time I see that film, instead of the Turkish flag being raised on the flagpole, I’ll see the greatest hypocrisy ever witnessed in history.
(HH) Get ready; you won’t sleep as comfortably as in the past
He has made all his calculations to the fact that he will get 40-something percent of the votes.
He thinks that when he gets the votes, everything is going to be like the good old days.
But it is not going to be.

(*)Because if he gets 40 percent, there will be 50-something percent on the other side...

(*)That 50-something percent is tired of despotism. It is tired of being insulted each day.

(*) That 50-something percent has broken the wall of fear and gained the courage and consciousness to say “stop” to one of the most oppressive regimes our history has witnessed.

He won’t be able to sleep as comfortably as in the past.