It is the ‘hubris’ talking, not them…

It is the ‘hubris’ talking, not them…

They have included “civilian” in their name, but its content is worse than a military memorandum. They are talking about a “coup d’état” in the content, but what they have done is worse than a coup.

They are talking about “tutelage,” but they are attempting to place the elected Parliament under their own tutelage. 

I am talking about the communique printed in newspapers Monday signed by the “Civilian Solidarity Platform.”

Who are these statement-givers who issued a communique almost “notifying” the Parliament?” Who drafted this? Or who made them pen this?

There are attacks on constitutional establishments in the declaration. By calling the Constitutional Court the “last link of the tutelage regime,” they are attempting to stage a civilian coup against the current constitutional order that has been accepted by 92 percent of the votes of the people of Turkey.

There is slander in the communique. The Constitutional Court, which was founded according to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, is portrayed as “in collaboration with domestic and external confederacies.”

In every line of the declaration there is an arrogant and derogatory attitude that belittles Parliament and looks down on its members. For elected deputies, it said: “You owe your political careers and gains to the shadow of the strong will.” It openly insults and humiliates both the votes people have given to them and the deputies who have been elected by receiving those votes.

There is also open threat and blackmail in the declaration; the deputies are being accused of collaborating with instigation centers, they are threatened and they are openly blackmailed with a message declaring “we are following you.” 

The owners of this declaration, which was penned with the ambition and arrogance of bringing in line the elected members of the Turkish Parliament, have taken a responsibility that would be very hard to justify in the face of history.

Moreover, they have given the impression that they are doing this on behalf of the President and even attempted to include the President, the person who has fought under the roof of the Parliament against tutelage for years, in their ambition.

Those who have signed the notification have committed a constitutional crime and an open disgrace to democracy.

Do not doubt for a second, that those signatories who wanted to force the deputies for a “no” vote with the threat and blackmail and who wanted to bring the Parliament in line on behalf of a “new” tutelage, will be brought in line themselves by history.

As a last word, while I was reading this communique, I remembered the Parliament that rejected the March 1 motion in 2003. It was a Parliament that rejected all types of shadows and tutelages. It made Turkey and its citizens proud.

[HH] What if TÜSİAD had issued such a declaration?

They would have said the tutelage mentality of Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association (TÜSİAD) that once attempted to topple former Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit has risen from the grave.
They would have accused those who wrote this declaration for staging a coup against the elected Parliament.

They would have told the communique writers to take off their robes and uniforms, to close their businesses and form a political party to join them in active politics.

They would have sent hundreds of tax inspectors the next day to the offices of the members of the executive board of TÜSİAD.

They would have immediately associated TÜSİAD with Ergenekon or the “Parallel Structure.”