Deputies signing empty papers

Deputies signing empty papers

I am trying to draw a lesson from this. I can see the difference. I cannot decide which is good and which is bad. Look at this picture:

The opposition parties Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) have agreed on one name. A consensus rarely seen in Turkish political history has been reached.
There is no voice raised against the decision in the MHP, but the CHP wing is all over the place. A joint candidate will be nominated, but some of the deputies will not be signing it.

On the other hand, I am looking at the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) wing. They are signing empty papers. In other words, they are saying, “Whichever name you write on this paper, we will accept it.”

What does this mean? It means if even a candidate drawn from a shoe box is nominated, they will say “yes.”

The CHP candidate, on the other hand, has been nominated. He has a clean history. He does not have dirty smells behind him. He does not have boxes that were full of anything but shoes behind him. His record is clean. He is a well-educated, spotless Turkish citizen…

I mean, isn’t this a shame; this beating around the bush, hitting below the belt, this battering, this resistance? 

O.K., I know the CHP is not a submissive, obedient party like the AKP. I know you cannot make a CHP deputy sign an empty paper and validate it as party discipline or comradery. 

But again, put your hand on your heart and think… If there were another candidate, wouldn’t others be protesting now?

I know, their nature is obedience, but yours is rejection…

However, when rejection crosses the line of factiousness, then it costs a lot to you, the CHP and Turkey…

Turkey is in big trouble

It was exactly two years ago when I wrote: “Our border is transforming into Peshawar.” It has become it.

I wrote six months ago: “Nationalistic movements will re-rise in the Arab world and the common denominator of all these movements will be anti-Turkism.” There, the first sign of it came from Libya… They blatantly pointed at Turks as the target. 

I again wrote: “You have to amend our Syrian policy and get rid of the sectarian obsession; otherwise we will be in huge trouble.” Well, we are…

People in the CHP: Pull yourselves together. Turkey is in big trouble… The reason for this hostility against Turkey is Erdoğan’s style and Davutoğlu’s illusions. The reaction against Erdoğan in the Western world is growing; Turkey is becoming isolated fast.

Domestically, the situation is even worse.

Our country has practically been divided into two parts and is experiencing an undeclared civil war.
That language, that lust for rhetoric, injustice and corruption has maddened half of the population.     
Turkey needs a unifying balance.

Well, here it is; a candidate has been nominated… His style is just the opposite of Erdoğan’s. His tone does not contain hate; it has features of peace and unity. He is an individual liked and respected in the Islamic world. He is not quarrelsome and disruptive, on the contrary, he is peaceful and unifying… He is also respected and appreciated in the Western world as a good Muslim.

To have such a president may save the lives of us all, these generations’ and our children’s. We can at least give to the world the message: “Turkey is not only limited to Tayyip Erdoğan.”

He may or he may not be elected. But at least we have a candidate before us who would breathe into the souls that were ripped apart by Erdoğan.