Corruption tsunami on Turkey’s shores

Corruption tsunami on Turkey’s shores

A news article published the other day might have escaped your attention.

The short summary was this: A corruption investigation has been initiated on Rıza Rahimi, the deputy of former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

It was a tiny article...

But wait…

The issue has now come to such a person that you’ll understand what I mean.

I’ll name that person, but I’ll refrain from naming others. This will be my latest favor to them.

If they have a place to flee to, they should do so immediately...

* * *

Dear everybody.

A huge tsunami is on Turkey’s shores.

A huge corruption tsunami, whose monetary dimension will make jaws drop globally, will reach Turkey someday, and some big names will be terribly hurt.

* * *

The first sign came from daily Hürriyet’s Washington bureau chief Tolga Tanış in his Sunday article. He was talking about the intriguing money traffic in the Turkey–Dubai–Iran triangle of a company set up by a former CEO of a businessman close to Erdoğan. Unusual amounts of money have been used in the dark trade between these three countries, which evaporated and then reappeared somewhere somehow.

According to Tanış, the issue is speedily heading toward Ahmedinejad.

* * *

Not even 72 hours had passed and the news about the corruption investigation of the former presidential deputy made the headlines.

The investigation was initiated because of his relation to someone we know very well in Turkey. It was initiated because of his relationship to Babak Zanjani, a partner of Iranian-origin Reza Zarrab, who was taken under detention after the Dec. 17, 2013 operation.

Now, to the bad news for some people in Turkey: Zanjani will most probably talk. The more he talks, the more his ties to Turkey will be talked about.

If you wish, you can say “it is a montage.” If you wish, change all the judges and the prosecutors.

The more you darken the issue, the more light will be shed upon it in other places of the world.

Because the issue is taking on such dimensions that even some international institutions or even courts may get involved.

* * *

A heavy smell is coming from the money “safes,” the shoe boxes in houses.

What I mean to say is it is not going to be easy to make this disappear.

Forty-something percent of votes won’t be able to clear this either.

From Iran to Turkey

As judges and prosecutors cannot be replaced so easily in Iran, the investigation is progressing speedily. Look what the prosecutor told the press the other day:

“Billions of dollars were deposited into Zajani’s off shore accounts. But to this day, the income from the sale of oil has not reached the cases of the state.”

Well then, if it did not go to Iran, to whose cases did this money go?

Part of the answer is in the audio recordings.

It was reported the other day that the Iranian prosecutor wanted to come to Turkey to investigate Zanjani and Zarrab’s relations.

We’ll see if Turkey will give permission.

Or will Zarrab be provided a special protection shield?

If not, will Zarrab take special protective armor and be protected?

While looking at the figures being talked about in Iran, the main, bigger fish is in another place...
I repeat:

This action is on an international scale...

It’s not going to be possible to “zero” out the money...