Compassion and the lack thereof

Compassion and the lack thereof

Have you noticed that the rising sentiment is now “compassion?”

In Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, it is defined as, “a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, etc.; sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress, together with a desire to alleviate it.”

There are 22 verses in the Quran about compassion… Compassion is one of the major features attributed to God: He is the most compassionate of all…  

These days, this concept is rising; it is settling inside us with an increasingly stronger punch.
However, there is adversity.

We are exploring compassion not in the positive meaning of compassion, but from its negative meaning, uncompassionate.

Fuat Keyman’s quotation from Ayşe Kadıoğlu, the concept of “growing up without compassion” has caught up immediately.

This concept that we have been coming across in newspaper columns more frequently is obviously transforming from expressing more than a simple “feeling of wanting to help” to becoming first a political, then an economic concept.

The reason is that it was like a slap in our faces, the one we disregarded for 10 years and the one that we did not want to see, as striking as the phrase “deep state.”

That concept is now preparing to slap another fact on our faces: “Behind growing up without compassion lie people without compassion…”

And, unfortunately, these people who have been mercilessly using their absolute power for the past 12 years, even though they have been repeating verses from Quran – the ones that suit their purpose – every day in town squares, have never once pronounced this concept that is present in 22 verses of the Quran…

Whereas, “Muslims are conscientious people.” Compassion is the strongest sentiment of that conscience. And that sentiment has been crushed under the “demagogy of essence…” and the “kicks of hatred…”

What will be recorded in history is not the tactic of pointing out to the journalists to divert attention, but these kicks that show the human profile behind “growing up without compassion.”

Unless the feeling of compassion is protected from the molestation of insensitive politicians and becomes the compulsory sentiment in politics, these kicks will continue to hit the heads of the citizens each and every day.

Nobody should have any doubt about that. The major symbol of this interim regime will be the demagogy of “essence” and the kicks accompanying it.

I would like to directly ask

The energy minister, who has twisted Yılmaz Özdil’s sentence and drew quite different meanings out of it, has asked us “How are you going to work with him?” I would like to ask Energy Minister Taner Yıldız: “Well, while you were working day and night to help the mourning miner, how can you continue to work under the same roof with a person who battered the miner with kicks three meters away from you?”
Even though Özdil openly said he was addressing the prime minister when he said these words, a columnist tries to lynch him every day with the instructions he received from above. I would like to ask that columnist: The spokesperson of the party giving you instructions, when he said, “Why would you assemble Parliament - just because three or five Mehmet’s were martyred?” What did you say then?
I would like to ask the same writer, when it was uttered that “Military service isn’t the place to lie down and unwind” and when the thousands of martyrs were referred to as “heads,” when mothers were humiliated by saying, “Take your mother with you and go…” When the appointed governor of the government you are working under insulted a citizen, calling them a “pimp,” did you raise hell and we
were just not able to hear it?

Since we are all ears to words coming out of mouths…

Let’s also remember these, while we are at it…