Children of Gaza and local politics

Children of Gaza and local politics

Life has taught me this: Doing politics over human life, the lives of kids, over the blood of the victims is the world’s most disgusting act.

That’s why it pains me when the children murdered in Gaza become a topic in the political arena of a country faraway.

I hate politics.

That’s why I wish that those who hold power and are screaming for Gaza all of the time, use their power in the tables of peace, rather than campaign rallies.

I wish this with all my heart, even if I am a dreamer.

* * *

I am sorry, but this attitude of the royalist, then the king who turns the blood of the children of Gaza into a red carpet on the feet of politicians disgusts me...

I feel like yelling at them saying, “Common, go work first to stop the bloodshed.”

I want to tell all those political experts that try to introduce all this to as “good politics, political genius and excellent discourse” this: “You are committing the biggest sins of all. You are becoming part of the gang who is shedding the blood of these kids.”

* * *

I am addressing all of those political geniuses, big guys and powerful fellows.

Get your hands off the children of Gaza.

Instead of provoking people, trying to make them a warrior in this filthy Middle East war, try to make doves of peace of all of us.

Just don’t care about the three-five bloody fanatical votes. Let them not come. Three-five fanatical votes will not come, but five-10, 100-1,000 reasonable votes will come...

This is honorable politics...

Reasonable voice coming from Ankara

If you were to look at the discourse in the campaign rallies...

We have our hands on Israel’s neck. We have our hands on the necks of Arab countries that are not helping Gaza. Our hands are on the neck of the West, which is not condemning İsrael.
It is as if we have 1,200 hands, all of them are on the whole world’s neck.

We have just one friend and that is Qatar.

If we were to look at the defiance in the campaign rallies, it as if our armies are about to cross the borders at any minute...

If we were to look at the lust of that discourse, we are about to strangle Israel at any moment.  If we were to look at the hate on the stage, it as if we are about to topple Egypt’s elected President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

But then again... What do we see?

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry announces to the world its appreciation of Egypt for its contribution to the 72-hour-cease-fire.

Is someone joking with us? Isn’t it our right to know which one is honest and telling the truth?

Is it the voice of the all almighty in the campaign rallies?

Is it that discourse that says el-Sisi is using the efforts for a cease-fire to legitimize its coup regime?

Or is it the reasonable voice that comes from Ankara?

My heart wishes that the second is the genuine one.

If the voice coming from the Foreign Ministry is genuine, I then applaud it with all my heart. Yet, if one is paying “good cop, bad cop” and introduce this to us as a “successful realpolitik,” then this is what I ask:

“Which one of you is the real one?” Within the borders of Turkey, you seem to fool us and think we are fooled... Yet you should know hypocritical politics stick out with all its ugliness.