This too shall pass

This too shall pass

The political climate is very tense in Turkey. You can find the latest news on the situation in other sections of HDN. I believe that one of the best sayings about life is “this too shall pass.” These days will be over and we will reach peace. When all the dust settles we will again try to reach our true potential. We will pick up the economy and social life. Therefore, today I want to write about a success story as a reminder that we can do anything.  

Insider, the former name of which was SociaPlus, was founded in 2012 by five entrepreneurs: Hande Çilingir, Serhat Soyuerel, Mehmet Sinan Toktay, Arda Köterin and Okan Yedibela.

Insider, which got its first angel investment in 2013, is one of the most successful investments of Galata Business Angels. With the leading technology it developed in Turkey, Insider was also supported by the TÜBITAK R&D Support Program and started its foreign expansion with England.

In 2014, Insider was given the title of “Endeavor Entrepreneur” by the New York-centered international entrepreneur network Endeavor.

Insider is a predictive marketing technology company, which delivers services to online businesses with e-commerce companies being in first place. Using predictive segmentation, dynamic A/B testing and behavioral targeting, Insider allows online businesses to increase their conversion rate and revenue by defining highly-targeted customer segments and presenting visitors with relevant personalized landing pages, messages and product offers. Insider services more than 200 customers with the mission of changing the way the world does marketing in the digital age.

Insider has been growing stably on the international market since its foundation and it continued its expansion with its Russia and Dubai offices after the second tour investment it got from Aslanoba Capital. The Turkish technology platform lastly crowned its success with its Poland office.

According to their press release, the Insider team is working passionately in line with their main goal: Exporting Turkish technology to the world. By the end of 2015, Insider will have opened new offices in Brazil, Spain and Italy. The next goal is to have offices in 15 countries by the end of 2016.

When you think globally not locally you can reach success easier than just focusing on one local market. 

I recommend all businesses in Turkey spend these days trying to go global instead of focusing in on the current political situation.