The e-sports federation is one giant step

The e-sports federation is one giant step

Even though I really do not understand all the games and cannot claim I understand everything I watch on Twitch, those who follow my column know I am very keen on e-sports developments in Turkey.

Interest from companies and state authorities has been on the rise in the last few years. Companies have realized their main target group “youth aged 12-20” are very interested in everything about e-games. The young generation in Turkey is watching e-games more than regular football or basketball games. Many consider regular games too mundane. They admire the teams and the biggest gamers like I admired the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan when I was a kid. That is why all the firms are trying to tap into e-games.

On the other front, private institutions and people have begun investing in e-games. Kemal Sadıkoğlu became the first Turkish person who owned a team when he bought world-renowned Team Secret. A few years after him, Hakan Baş and Kaan Karamancı created the Turkish team “Super Massive.” Then, the big sports clubs of Turkey began creating e-sports teams like Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş. Beşiktaş had already joined their forces with Lenovo for an e-gaming space at their stadium called “Lenovo Game On.” Most recently, Metin Şen and Murat Zorlu have bought Team Aurora.

A few weeks ago, the Turkish e-sports teams joined in for a clubs’ union. According to e-gaming websites, 5Mid, 1907 Fenerbahçe, Team Aurora, Crew e-Sports, Dark Passage, Team Galakticos, HWA Gaming and Oyunhizmetleri will be in the union and Sina Afra will be the manager.

These are fantastic developments. I wish them all the best.

I had expected some interest from private institutions and people in e-gaming but what came as a real surprise for me was the interest of the government. I thought e-gaming would be another area where private institutions would outpace governmental institutions but happily, I have been proven wrong.

Just a few days ago, an e-gaming federation was established by the Youth and Sports Ministry. This is a very big step by all means. Now that there is a federation, the Turkish teams and gamers will be able to have a higher status, they will be officially accredited as sports teams and professional sportspeople. They will be able to receive state funding and will have a direct line to the government. It will be much easier for Turkish teams to join international competitions.

I am very excited for the future of e-gaming in Turkey. I hope that all this potential and interest will not be in vain and we will soon have international success.

Ersu Ablak, hdn, Opinion,