It is all about 5G

It is all about 5G

This year, in the Mobile World Congress, the hottest topic is 5G. Everyone is talking about it. Crypto currencies and digitalization are also being addressed but 5G fever runs high. Almost every major company has announced something about 5G.

Huawei unveiled its first chip that enables mobile devices to access 5G internet speeds at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The chipset is called the Huawei Balong 5G01.

Huawei claims it has produced the world’s first commercial chipset that meets 5G standards.

Richard Yu, the head of Huawei’s consumer business  group, said the company is aiming to launch a 5G phone  with the new chipset in the second half of the year. Huawei claims that it can hit download speeds of 2.3 gigabits per second, significantly faster than speeds reached on current 4G networks.

T-Mobile plans to roll out 5G in 30 cities this year. Customers in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas will be first to experience it, when the first 5G smartphones launch early next year. The Nokia 5G network solution is set to be deployed on the 600MHz and 28GHz mmWave spectrum this year.

Pakistan is set to become the first country in South Asia to introduce 5G Internet.

Sprint, Delta, and Airbus are teaming up to deliver in-flight 5G.

Qualcomm has performed two 5G tests, in Frankfurt and San Francisco, having taken these factors into account. The company presented its results at the Mobile World Congress 2018. The results were 1,250 times better than 4G.

Reports state that from connected cars to smart cities to seamless entertainment, 5G is defining a new era of possibility.

Airtel and Huawei are said to have conducted India’s first 5G network trial and achieved a data speed of over three gigabits per second.

The list goes on…

Naturally 5G competition is also very lively in Turkey.

A few weeks ago Turkcell  announced an agreement with Samsung that covers partnership in developing 5G services and products.

Argela develops 5G technologies for its parent company Turk Telekom. Turk Telekom, with its leadership at the Open Networking Foundation, also signed an agreement with the Transport, Maritime Affairs and Telecommunications Ministry for developing and testing 5G technologies. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Telecommunications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that 5G would be available in Turkey by 2020.

It seems that in the coming years we will hear more about 5G than anything else.

The immense speed that 5G networks enable will pave the way for different applications that are much more data driven than

It will be awesome to see the changes happen in our lifetime.

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