How to get youth to vote for you

How to get youth to vote for you

As the elections draw closer, political parties are trying new methods to differentiate themselves from the competition. The notes on the high level Justice and Development Party (AKP) meeting where the A-Team of the AKP discussed what they have been doing wrong and what they should do to keep the lead was published by daily Cumhuriyet this week. 

After reading these notes it is safe to say the AKP does have a little idea about what is going on with Generation Y and the world at large. In the notes there is a strong emphasis on the fact the AKP is unable to communicate with the youth, especially the educated ones, but there are no mentions about social media or the technology industry.

The A-Team of the party declared that “we cannot reach the educated youth” and “we are far behind in women’s issues” but have failed to see the root of their real problem. 

I really do respect the AKP in the sense that they are courageous enough to lay their problems on the table. I don’t know if the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) can do the same. Therefore, I humbly would like to give any party that wants to get in touch with the realities of this decade a few points of action to base their strategy on:

1. An open internet with no exceptions other than child porn and personal information security.

2. A faster internet connection throughout Turkey with zero down time. 

3. Cheaper internet for everyone. 

4. Coding classes in schools.

5. A full stop on internet troll activities. 

6. All human resource choices should be based on merit and merit only.

7. Be positive, talk positively and create a positive atmosphere.

8. Be open.

9. Be transparent. 

10. Use technology for disseminating information, not for censorship.