Creating an on-demand workforce

Creating an on-demand workforce

The latest trend in business is managing simple tasks with an on-demand workforce. Let me elaborate on this more since it is quite new subject. Let’s say that you are a bank and you want to get the opinions of thousands of people about your bank in a very short period. Normally what you should do is to go a research company, give them a brief and let them work on it for at least a week before they give you a quotation. After that, you would start the project and after a month, you would get the initial results and then you would get a detailed report. And you would pay handsomely for this. With new applications, you can get normal people to ask ten friends and report back to you online, in one hour, for a few Turkish liras. 

Twenify is a Turkish business going global, working on this idea. 

Below is a quote taken directly from their website:

“Twentify’s Bounty is a solution platform that allows customers to collect data quickly and cost effectively through the power of crowdsourcing. Traditional collection methods are expensive from both a time and cost perspective. By taking advantage of the growing global smartphone population, Twentify customers receive rich retail, marketing, sales or tailor-made data solutions all over the world.

“Using the Bounty mobile application, users (also known as squirrels) are empowered to carry out local or global tasks; collecting data how and when you want it. Tasks are tailored and activated according to your needs through the Bounty platform and pushed out to a broad base of waiting squirrels.

“You can keep track of your campaigns as tasks are being performed. Flexible reporting provides the information you need, when you need it.”

An example quotes on the website is Samsun’s Hüeeyin Erel, who said, “At Samsung, we need real-time field information related our customers. Twentify became an important bridge between our company and customers via their platform. We gather actionable insight by asking simple questions at our projects.”

There are some smart rivals to Twentify in the market such as Qapel. 

I think that this is a trend to stay. The “uber-ification” of industries is going on full speed. It makes me extremely happy that a Turkish company is leading the charge this time. Let’s see what time will show.