Are you ready for Gen-Z?

Are you ready for Gen-Z?

The new generation is emerging, and they are starting to make a difference in every aspect of life. They are in some ways similar to their previous generation but very different in others. Like millennials, they are not unfamiliar with internet and mobile technologies, in fact they are born in it. They are true digitals. They were born into mobile and connected technologies. This has changed everything.

They are more open to diversity and they usually have a cause to better the world.

According to Vision Critical’s report, Generation Z is the future of the global economy, and that future is already at your doorstep. They are as large in numbers as millennials, if not larger. Its eldest members are entering their senior year of college. By 2018, they’ll control $200 billion in direct spending. In the meantime, they influence more than $600 billion in spending via their parents. Generation Z is the sober generation: Optimistic and driven about their personal ambitions, but pragmatic and aware of forces beyond their control.

They’re an on-demand generation. They’ve abandoned TV and the desktop PC for laptops and mobile devices. They’re expert online researchers and shoppers. They visit stores as a last resort. They’re far ahead of all other generations when it comes to mobile payments and bank transactions. They carry their bank branches in their pockets.

They have an eight-second attention span, sparking the increasing popularity of 10-seconds-or-less video advertising and apps like Snapchat.

Turkish Gen-Z’ers are more conservative compare to their global demographic group. It is mainly because of the political situation in Turkey which led to more polarization. But Turkish Gen-Z’ers are every bit connected to the world as the youngsters around the globe.

They are as pragmatic as their foreign peers and they, too, want everything, now, and they are willing to change the world for the better.

Technology has long been determining the way the generations shape. Especially, telecommunication and transportation inventions have shaped many generations. Mobile and IoT are shaping the GenZ.

Even though most Gen Z’ers are still kids and teens—at a time in their lives made for play, imagination, dreaming and planning—they’re clearly made up of hyperconnected, pragmatic realists. They’ve inherited the skepticism, but not the pessimism, of their Gen-X parents.

They are a happy generation with a nose for corporate fakery. They are constantly on the move, connecting with others as they go.
Each company and government should think if they are ready or not for the coming generation and devise a plan to interact with them in a meaningful way.