Archives to fight boredom

Archives to fight boredom

Last week I wrote about online education. The day after that all schools were closed in Turkey. Only a handful of institutions were ready for it. It means that millions of students will have to stop their education as well.

If the online teaching methodologies had been adopted before, pupils could have continued their education despite their schools having been closed. I hope that we can get ready for the next epidemic.

We have the technology and human resources for it. The company which provides the backbone for global live streaming events, Medianova is a Turkish technology firm and I know that they would be willing to provide the fundamental capabilities of online teaching to Turkish education institutions.

Together with Medianova, there are many content creators who could provide the necessary curriculum. All that the education ministry has to do is to bring those parties together. Let’s see if they will do it.

In the meantime, here is the link to a collection of free online education resources:

I wish that Turkish companies would add themselves to the list.

The quarantine situation has strained our internet capacity and the service providers are working to meet the surging demand. One of the key reasons is that people are downloading more digital material than ever before.

Just like people have been plundering supermarkets for toilet papers, people have begun to plunder internet archives in hopes to find golden materials to pass time.

So, I would like to contribute to that effort.

Here is a link to one of the most popular archives:

It is for the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. There are 300 documentaries for you to enjoy.

This is a link for Turkish comics: But due to high traffic the link is not that stable.

Here you can find and play retro games like Prince of Persia, Pac Man and Prehistorik:

This is a link to free movies:

And this is the grand website for royalty free books:

I hope your stay at home will be fruitful and satisfying.