Philosophy and Kant under discussion in Assos

Philosophy and Kant under discussion in Assos

An increase in philosophy activities, symposiums and publications leads to advancements in our thinking system and our correct perception of concepts from a wider angle. Interest in history of philosophy books is continuing constantly at a certain rhythm.  

As well as philosophy books written for children, compact books that summarize and cram a lot into fewer pages direct the reader to more comprehensive books. 

The upcoming philosophy meetings in Assos in the Marmara province of Çanakkale (Dardanelles) will play an important role in the development of the subject in Turkey.

The international meeting of Philosophy in Assos activities, which have been held regularly for 17 years and which have become a tradition, will this year be held between July 3 and 6, 2017. 

Holding the activity in a venue suitable to the topic are the best criteria in selecting a location, as in this case. The meetings in Assos took place away from the uproar of big cities, near a tranquil coast. 

All those who joined as spectators came back happy and satisfied.  

I hope these activities are kept on record and made into a book so that those who were not there can also benefit. 

One of the functions of international meetings for me is that people from the same profession get to know each other. They also get to know the host country. International visitors participating in the Philosophy in Assos activities will have, I believe, got positive opinions about Turkey and the historic site where the event took place. 

One of the most significant philosophers in the history of philosophy, Aristotle, lived part of his life in Assos, giving philosophy lessons in this ancient city. 

The founding member and the head of the Philosophy Art and Science Association, Professor Örsan Öymen moderates the symposium in Assos every year. Academics from Turkey and overseas, students and philosophy enthusiasts from other fields will join the activities. 

The topic of this year’s symposium will be German philosopher Immanuel Kant, one of the most important thinkers in the history of philosophy. Within this framework, Kant’s knowledge theory philosophy and philosophy of ethics will be discussed. 

Lecturers a the symposium will be Professor Rolf-Peter Horstmann from Berlin Humboldt University, Professor Frederick Beiser form Syracuse University, Professor Patricia Kitcher from Columbia University, Professor Kenneth Westphal from Bosphorus University, Associate Professor Desmond Hogan from Princeton University, Assistant professor Andrew Chignell from Pennsylvania University, Assistant Professor Jan-Willem van der Rijt  from Bayreuth University and Assistant Professor Lucas Thorpe from Bosphorus University. 

Trips to surrounding places and, of course, a visit to Troy, are among the activities part of the event. The meeting also features a classical violin concert by Anne Sommer Bloch in the antique theater. 

The meetings will be held at the Assos Terrace Hotel. For those who want to attend, the phone number is + 90 286 7640285. All the lectures will be in English and there is no Turkish translation provided. For online registration and for details on free and open to public meetings visit: