Do not ever be different or think differently

Do not ever be different or think differently

My piece about Aysel Ekşi’s book titled “Youth in Turkey and in Five Continents” (Türkiye’de ve Beş Kıt’ada Gençler) has received interest and inquiries beyond my expectations.

That means the young generation and those who have children have found the knowledge they needed in this book to enlighten their issues. The scientific documentary book contains guiding features for us to understand the young.   

How do young perceive their families and how do families perceive their young? While searching for the answers to these two questions, the difference in the evaluation criteria stands out. When we say the youth, of course we should examine separately the views of the studying youth and the working youth.

I have always been interested in reading the rates of extracurricular books; author Ekşi has also focused on this. I hope families will review their perception of their children in the light of this data. I always defend that the youth should be better understood. 

From time to time you may come across some people who make themselves examples for their children. What else is this other than a pulling back of the child by someone who has remained in the past? Because many of us see ourselves as ideal characters, we keep on dreaming that the young should take us as examples; whereas, the youth of today should be raised with a global criteria. 

From time to time, young people I meet at book fairs or similar places, or young readers writing to me through e-mail, ask me which profession they should choose. I do not know what they should choose but I want to explain why I would not recommend certain professions. 

Do not be journalists. I guess you must have read with sorrow and embarrassment how daily Hürriyet has been subjected to a smear campaign because of a story. Everyone with common sense should have noticed how the concept of criticizing has turned into an execution in the hands of vulgar pens.   

You can better understand how aggressive our language is when you read old books. I would recommend you follow the example of the masters. After you read them, I leave it to you to evaluate the level of today’s pieces and writers.   

When you read Refik Halit Karay, Nâzım Hikmet, Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, Kemal Tahir, Peyami Safa, Haldun Taner and İlhan Selçuk, you will see how knowledge, elegance and intelligence are used in writing. Criticisms and polemics should also exist, but you will understand better how they should be after reading the above. 
Those who are writing stories and columns about Hürriyet should especially read these writers and their pieces. 

Let me remind my readers in advance, so you will not get angry with me afterward. After you read these writers, you will have a hard time reading today’s writers. Then you will notice where we have landed. 
Do not be professional football players either. Professional soccer ironically used to be shown as a bad example, but on the other hand it was a profession that had both material and spiritual satisfaction. In recent years, this profession has lost its charm too. You can have not only your profession but your life ended on an Anatolian viaduct by a stray bullet from somebody who is an opponent’s fan or who says he is an opponent’s fan. 

Do not ever be teachers! Until you are appointed, you would be sending emails to the entire country, attempting to be heard for months or maybe years. Once you are appointed, you will start your job with enthusiasm. Even if you are an award-winning teacher, you will be scolded by a governor in front of your class because of your outfit; the embarrassment and sorrow you have accumulated inside may take you to your death. 

I would like to recommend this to Mr. Governor: Let us raise the standards a bit, let us have an outfit that would be undebatable in quality, image and effect. I recommend a tuxedo, but of course it could also be a frock.  

Why is there a huge attack against different, free, authentic individuals just because they have different preferences? 

We stared with the youth, so I am talking on their behalf. We should grant all kinds of freedom of expression to the young generation so they can walk at ease on the line covering all walks of life, from politics to arts…