Supporting arts is not only the state’s responsibility

Supporting arts is not only the state’s responsibility

Large companies should support the arts. Turkey has a young population, and we indeed have global talents. We need to find these people and offer an environment in which they can perform their arts. 

Of course, the role of the state is huge.

It is hard for symphonies and theaters to stand strong unless they are supported by the state. 

However, the state should not solely take the responsibility; the private sector should also contribute as much as possible.

I am not saying that each company should initiate philharmonics or theater companies, but even an individual support may sometimes change the life of an artist. 

For example, Arkas is one of the companies to take responsibility in İzmir, a province in the west. 

Arkas Trio performs wonderful concerts. 

I also enjoy watching Arkas Trio at festivals, special occasions and venues. 

The other night, I watched a wonderful concert at the Çeşme Open-Air Theater. 

Limak Philharmonic Orchestra was indeed marvelous. 

The young talents came together with experienced artists. 

We had our world-famous Murat Karahan as the soloist.

I had been following Karahan since his works in İzmir. 

Be sure that we will be hearing his name more in the following years. 

The conductor is Rengim Gökmen. 

As I said, without the support of companies, organizing these projects would be really difficult. 

In fact, art should be one of the most important themes in the social responsibility projects of large companies. 

Especially if these projects have continuity and the new artists are introduced to the public, it is even better. 

Our companies should continue to be supportive of the arts. 

It is a privilege to be from İzmir 

While watching the concert of the Limak Philharmonic Orchestra in Çeşme district, the mayor of Karşıyaka Municipality sent me a message: “You may be proud of being from Karşıyaka. String instrument artists of the concert we are watching are the official members of the Karşıyaka Municipality Chamber Orchestra. The other conductor, Oğuzhan Kavruk, was also born and raised in Karşıyaka,” he said. 

Politics or arts? 

Tenor Murat Karahan, the general director of Turkish State Opera and Ballet, is a nephew of the famous politician İsmet Sezgin. Apparently he wanted to be a politician like his uncle. 

“I became an opera artist after my mother pushed me into it. I could play whichever instrument I had been given since I was six. But I wanted to be a politician like my uncle İsmet Sezgin. My mother, while I was not even considering it, made me enter the exam of Bilkent University’s Music and Performing Arts. I used to tell her: ‘I have entered the opera department because of you; what purpose will it serve if I become an opera singer; it doesn’t mean much.’” 

I am glad that she forced him to become one. 

It is always possible to be a politician but it is hard to be an artist. 

New airport is really huge 

While I was chatting with Limak Director Nihat Özdemir, I received a text: The photos of the shops at the new Istanbul airport. 

“It is indeed a very beautiful airport.” 

“But it is really huge, bigger than the ones in Singapore, China and Dubai. In terms of its one-piece main building, there is no larger airport in the world. Everybody will be proud of this project.”

Those who have been to Singapore or Dubai know that you need to take a train or a vehicle to go from one part of the airport to the other. 

The new airport will also be like that.

For this purpose, thousands of vehicles were bought, special transfer models were developed.

In short, we should consider it as a small city, not an airport.

Deniz Sipahi,