PM’s election promises to İzmir

PM’s election promises to İzmir

The record for the highest number of flights between two destinations belongs to the route between İzmir and Istanbul.

I tried for a long time to bring this issue to the agenda. There are on a daily basis an average of 56 flights between İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport and Istanbul Atatürk Airport and 47 flights between Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Adnan Menderes. That makes 103 flights on a daily basis.

And this picture calls for the construction of a second runway for İzmir.

The other night I followed the program which introduced the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) İzmir candidates. The program was attended by Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım.

“We see this traffic in Adnan Menderes Airport. We gave the instruction to start feasibility works for a second runway,” said Yıldırım.

This is very important.

This will lessen flight traffic and will affect the number of direct flights from İzmir.

I always underline the conditions for a region to develop.

Without doing these and completing the infrastructure works you cannot catch a momentum.

İzmir is taking several steps forward in tourism.

The modernization of the Adnan Menderes Airport was the first step.

The fact that the İzmir–Istanbul highway is about to finish is also important.

Even if the duration decreases to three hours I don’t think air traffic will reduce.

In summary, the places which are accessible are the ones that prosper.

There is an increase in the number of hotels in İzmir. Even when there was a slow down in tourism they had a satisfactory number of accommodation.

That’s why I keep saying we need new hotels.

İzmir is developing and changing.

The development of the city will be beneficial for the entire Aegean region.

Keep watching the developments happening in İzmir.

İzmir Gulf

Another key project of Yıldırım was the project for the İzmir Gulf. But during his speech, he talked about many other projects to put into force in İzmir except the Gulf project.

That does not mean it has been cancelled or postponed. Because I know Yıldırım cares about this project.

We need to do it. Some in the city will disagree.

But for a rapid growth we need to prioritize these projects.

We should not delay this issue.

The youth

We are heading toward elections. We will be voting on June 24. Politics topped the list of the agenda, and now the rest of the agenda is about politics too.

But there is nothing we can do; this will be the case for another month.

I keep following the speeches of the politicians and the reaction of the people. I especially wonder about the youth and their thoughts. Are the politicians as curious as me? Do they have a scientific approach to their reactions?

I am not sure. I know they work a lot and they are running out of time. But they need to take the pulse of the youth.

Because young people use a very different language, they have a very different approach.

I have to underline that those who understand the youth and women will win politics.

What I am pointing to is not just the current every day politics. It is about the future as well.

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