The dream-like lavender village

The dream-like lavender village

Yes, we know, Turkey’s tourism is not in a good state; actually, it is bad. Moreover, it is fighting for its life. Several resorts are empty, and hotels are closed. People are anxious. Nobody is in high spirits. International tourists are not coming. 

Well, I still have hope; things will get better. Now that spring is here, I have become more positive and hopeful. 

As a nation, we have overcome so much; I believe these tough days will be over soon. 

There was a magical, charming, wonderful village I have wanted to share with you for a long time. Now is the day. I went there with Mustafa Seven, who took some beautiful photographs. 

As I was reviewing the photos, I smelled the smell of lavender. I want to invite you there.  

Go to that village, the village that smells of lavender. Pass along my greetings to Ms. Huriye. Traipse around the lavender fields and inhale the perfume; you won’t be sorry. 

Imagine a village that is a lavender paradise. The dominant color is purple and violet. It is very romantic, as the lavender fields are endless.  

The village houses are like boxes and adobe houses. Their doors and window sills are painted purple. All the doors are open; there is no habit of locking. Some 250 people live in the village, where everybody knows each other. It is clean, and it smells wonderful. 

This is the lavender village; it has been growing lavender for 45 years. It gives you peace. It is a place you want to escape to. 

This village is situated in the foothills of the Toros Mountains in the south of Turkey. Its name is Kuyucak, 47 kilometers from the center of Isparta. Its road is as beautiful as itself. It was last summer when I first went there, and I was as happy as a child. I stayed a couple of days and never wanted to leave. 

There are lavender fields all around. Call it a joke, but the place is like the Provence region in France. 

Everybody is smiling; women are free and self-confident. This is where you want to be. Come…

Add Kuyucak to your July calendar 

In just 26 days last summer, 15,000 tourists visited Kuyucak. You should add this village to your July calendar. Tourists arrive on organized tours or individually. They come to camp and hike. There are incredible walking routes. There is unique nature and people are authentic. Don’t miss it. 

Women in love with lavender 

There is a very inspiring project conducted in the village, supported by “Gelecek Turizmde” (The future is in tourism). 

This project is for women. For this reason, 22 women have been trained for six months, receiving courses on cooperatives, field guidance, hygiene in management, elocution/diction, rural tourism, home boarding, plant growing and entrepreneurship. These women are wonderful with their bright eyes and futures who are all in love with lavender. 

This village is the place where value is added to the future. They are examples for all of us. They cherish the place they inhabit as they make their economic future; they have made their village a brand. 

I spoke to some of them and they are wonderful. They are in a continuous effort to further develop themselves. For the moment, they produce lavender honey, lavender oil, lavender cake, lavender ice-cream, lavender cookies, lavender coffee, lavender tea and lavender tonic. They explain that lavender water is good for the liver and kidneys as it prevents gastritis. 

They commemorate Nihat Yılmaz, who brought 30 lavender seedlings from France in 1975 when lavender agriculture started in the village. He distributed lavender roots to 30 families and people planted them in their gardens and along the roadsides, all of which led to the development of commercial production over the years. This village accounts for 93 percent of Turkey’s lavender production.  

I worked with them in the field; they taught me how to do it. I finished the day with lavender ice cream. 
You have to try it as well. Go.