Five years is not enough for causing the death of a girl

Five years is not enough for causing the death of a girl

Close your eyes and imagine. You have a beautiful daughter who has been the apple of your eye since she was born. You love her more than yourself. You raised her with all the care possible, provided the best education for her. She grew up to be a good person and a good citizen. 

She was a sweet, loving person, not hurting any living creature, with a smiling face and eyes, who everybody loved. She was attending university and was one month shy of graduation. 

That day, she left home and never came back. You didn’t even know that it was the last time you hugged her. 

The bitter truth came with a call. Somebody called and said, “My son and your daughter were joking around. Your daughter is dead.” This was the sentence. 

Your beloved one is under the ground now. She is not breathing. She no longer exists. You will never be able to see her, not be able to look her in the eye. You will not be able to embrace or smell her. She’s gone. She’s dead. She has been killed. 

Who killed her? Her boyfriend. While they were joking around, he put the pump-rifle to her throat; he claimed that they were laughing at that time. Then he pulled the trigger and he did not know the rifle was loaded. Then you hear “boom.” 

It hit your beloved one. Your beautiful daughter had a large hole in her throat. She fell down, in a couple of seconds, she died.  

While she was having death throes, who knows what was crossing her mind. Who knows, maybe she was thinking “what an absurd death this is.” Maybe she thought, “I was going to live so many things… I had a full life ahead of me…” 

This is a bad death. It is timeless, early and unjust. I have difficulty calling it an accident. This is murder. You have wiped a person away from life. You have destroyed her, you have buried her. You cannot say you were only joking. You cannot say you loved her. You have no right. 

You can’t just serve five years in prison. These five years will be reduced to how many years, I don’t know. 
I have difficulty understanding. You kill that beautiful girl and then say “I’m sorry, it was an accident. She died.” 

What kind of a thing is this? How does it go with humanity and conscience? Some things have no return. There is no pardon for crossing certain boundaries. That girl is no longer here. She is not alive. This is because you have taken her life, you have stolen it. How can you demand freedom? 

Justice should be served 

How are you going to continue with your life from now on? Are you going to act like nothing has happened? Will you fall in love again, marry and have kids? It is not possible for me to understand such a thing. 

I can only have empathy with the dead girl’s mother. Let alone the mother, I cannot even pardon the murderer of Sevgi Yağmur Önüt, her boyfriend, Egemen. I want justice to give him the penalty he deserves. 
As a mother living in this country, as a journalist, I demand that. Five years is not something one can accept.

 You have erased a girl from life with a pump-rifle. Well, you say it is an accident, but you should have been cautious, you should have used your wits. 

I cannot accept this, I cannot forgive such an easy escape. 

I hope he is not forgiven in the consciences of people. Not until eternity, of course, but at least he should receive the punishment he deserves. He should not be able to get away. He should not escape so easily. Nothing will bring Yağmur back. But, the person, Egemen, who wiped her away from life, should pay the price.