A decision that teaches a lesson to women haters

A decision that teaches a lesson to women haters

We are finally sure that there are men in this country who cannot stand the presence of women.

The number of them are not little and they are not, like some say, individual cases.

They outright hate women.

On top of that, they get inspired by each other and get carried away together.

One of them starts and the rest follow.

For example, with the case of Abdullah Çakıroğlu, the man who kicked a nurse named Ayşegül Terzi for wearing shorts on a public bus in Istanbul’s Çekmeköy district, when actually it was none of his business what she wore.

Terzi could not believe what had happened, but the attacker went back home comfortably like nothing happened. And afterwards it became even worse!

He was caught, and then released, but when his release drew nationwide outrage, he got arrested again. A court case was filed. His mental health was checked and he was fine! But after some time, he was released again.

After this, a similar event happened in the western province of Manisa.

A pregnant woman named Ebru Tireli was kicked and hit by a heartless man who ordered her to “go home!” when she was exercising at a park very close to her home.

Why? Maybe it was because she was pregnant, or maybe because some men on TV are issuing fatwas saying things like, “Pregnant women must not go out!” But nobody can even point fingers at them.

In this horrible case, instead of the real offender, somebody else was first caught. The real attacker got arrested afterwards but he was set free under judicial control and etc.

How disturbing!

This is all happening amid an increase in the number of cases on women who have been harassed or groped on the streets.
Case after case, a bully named Hakan Dündar emerged.

He had approached a woman, identified only by the initials A. Ç., who was walking on a street and gave her a hard hit with his shoulder.

Justifiably, when the woman asked what it was about, he turned back and knocked her down to the floor with a firm wrist.

The victim could not stand up for a while and could only come to with the help of the people around.

This worthless being called Hakan Dündar was caught after investigations of camera footage.

He came out to be a third year student at Marmara University’s med school. Such a doctor who hates women should not exist! He had suspended his studies and was working at a supermarket owned by his parents. He was even grinning when he was brought to court and shamelessly said, “I did not hit hard, she was the one who was weak!”

What insolence!

Unfortunately, beating, assault, rape and abuse are bursting out of every piece of land in this country. The victims are either women or children.

Every day, women victims across the country are calling me, they tell me their situations, search for a solution and request security.

They say they are worried and frightened and that lawmakers and legislators are not taking care of women’s rights.

They want me to write about their screams. They want justice, which is why we are continuously writing about it.

This is one of the most pressing problems of this country. How come no solution is found, the punishments and the sanctions are not increased or applied the way they should be. It is not possible for me to understand this.

The assailants, perverts, women haters, rapists, abusers and those who commit violence against women, these written below concern you, dreadfully. Because it speaks about a mindset which you do not know, understand or do not even want to know.

It is written down in this country’s constitution. It is basic law. Like it or not, it constitutes the principles of life in this country.

The 40th Anatolian Criminal Court of General Jurisdiction has made a reasoned decision for Abdullah Çakıroğlu, sentencing him to three years and 10 months in prison, the highest limit according to Article 115 of the Turkish Penal Code. The court found Çakıroğlu guilty of hitting Ayşegül Terzi, a nurse.

Every misogynist must read and memorize the things written on the 15-page justified decision.

“The most important assurance in democratic, judicial societies is the rights and freedom of the individuals,” it says.

“The expression of one’s way of thinking, belief and opinion is one of the basic human rights. People own these basic rights regardless of their race, gender, language, religion and political opinion, without being discriminated.”

“On the subject of the lifestyle of an individual and their preferences, those involved in democracy and who are a minority due to their lifestyles, those who need protection, those who are not of the majority and are in an ‘egalitarian’ society where pluralist lifestyles are important, no one can intervene into one another’s choice of clothing or outfit, behavior and daily life choices!”

The point is, nothing can be said more on this.

This reasoned decision relying on the 20th and the 25th articles of the constitution sets an example.

And “every single person” must memorize this decision and consider it as one of the basic rules in their lives.

You cannot bother a woman, whether they wear shorts or a headscarf. They should wear them and walk freely out in public.

ayşe arman, hdn,