Those who do these to Qatar would do anything to us

Those who do these to Qatar would do anything to us

Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir has said even though they did not want to hurt Qatar, they had to take these measures. He also declared what Qatar needs to do. What is asked from Qatar is to stop supporting Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, whom they regard as “terror organizations.” 

Qatar should stop adopting separate policies from the Gulf States. It should not make decisions on its own and act independently; for instance, under the pretense of “media freedom,” through planting “terrorist” ideas such as democracy and free speech. They want Qatar to close down Al-Jazeera and similar outlets that provoke opposition… 

Qatar was undermining Palestine and Egypt; it had to change its Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood policies, he said. 

The kingdom and other countries had to make these decisions; otherwise they would never want to hurt Qatar. 

If their demands are met, they will be in good terms with Qatar. They have no plans to topple the emir or invade Qatar. It does not cross their minds to divide the country and share its oil and natural gas beds among themselves or colonize their neighbor. 

Al-Jubeir believes that common sense and logic will convince Qatar to take the right steps.

It is Turkey which has the closest regional policies with Qatar. It is again Turkey, in parallel with Qatar, that has the closest solidarity with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. It is Turkey that acts together with Qatar in Syria. In this case, how can we be sure that it will not be our turn next? 

First of all, we should know that this is wrong and there is no need to be concerned.

The imperialist power elites do not have any separation plans for Qatar; what will they gain if they divide us? Do we have oil to be pillaged or natural gas to be looted? The most they can ask is for us to change certain policies of ours. 

The aim declared is open. They want to curb the stubbornness of the emir and suppress the Arab Spring policies of his. They are after the completion of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s blow to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and ultimately complete the counter-revolution process.  
While U.S. President Donald Trump gave the green light to the Saudis, supposedly, for them to dry up financial supports to terror and radical ideologies, doesn’t he know that the Muslim Brotherhood cannot hold a candle to Wahhabi Salafism in radicalism? 

Their issue is to reverse permanently the freedom winds that shook the thrones of the Gulf monarchies. If they succeed, they will show the entire world who the boss is, first in the Gulf, then in the Arab and Muslim world. 

This is a domestic power fight among kings, sultans and emirs. It is the disciplining of a rebellious son, to standardize foreign policies and to silence adverse sounds… 

They will make Qatar kneel to set an example to the world. When Qatar is on its knees, then they will not need to do anything else to you and me. They assume we have enough wisdom to get the message.  

We have to see that when their thrones are in danger, they do not recognize religious brotherhood, Arab unity or blood and relative nationalism.  

Is the Qatar fracture in the Arab League deeper than the British fracture in the European Union or the Trump fracture in NATO? 

Which alliance is stronger? Which of their methods would you prefer to use to solve your conflicts and differences of opinions? Therefore, pick your side accordingly.