The funeral of opposing opinions

The funeral of opposing opinions

Linear thinking seems to be the trend in politics these days. Because the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) voted against the lifting of immunities, this party now is considered as if it is in the same category with the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). The HDP was the same as the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) anyway, so the CHP is the same as the PKK. This justifies regarding all three of them together; it is perfectly OK to accuse all of them of terror. 

I’m not so sure whether or not this linear logic will adequately serve the fight against terror. Will pushing the CHP toward the HDP-PKK camp be beneficial or damaging? How will placing political polarization on the anti-terror axis affect the fight against terror? This is open to debate. However, one of the consequences of the logic above is that we are banned from such doubts and questionings. 

You may justify the lifting of immunities and believe that the HDP has forced all boundaries and left no other choice. But, again…

No matter how correct the reasoning is, the lifting of immunities will open the doors for the terror organization’s abuses and play into its hands, don’t you think? 

This used to be one of the opinions and it was legitimate. But now it has been removed from the menu. This analysis, this way of thinking has been criminalized. 

There is one valid and only one legitimate analysis. That is the unconditional defense of the lifting of immunities; any other analysis than this falls into the category of “loving terror.”

The dominant logic is this. If we want one kind of wisdom to dominate the entire country, then there is a funeral we have to organize. Now is the time for it. 

The HDP did not become the legal extension of the PKK overnight. It did not go under the guardianship of Kandil Mountain just now. It is not a recent insight that the HDP is not autonomous. But the HDP was not criminalized in these past times because of all the above. On the contrary, there was the wisdom of the state that suggested that others also be legalized via the HDP. Because if terror was to be defeated, it was known that it would not happen by also pushing its legal extensions underground. 

The dominant wisdom of the time was the belief that terror would end only by encouraging legalization. Work was done on arrangements that would pave the way to legalize even the illegal components, pondering formulas to have them return home. Ways were sought to replace weapons with the ballot box and encourage democracy instead of terror to claim rights. 

It was seen that for the political extension to free itself from the tutelage of those in the mountains, long and patient efforts were needed and actions were adjusted for that. 

The HDP and the PKK were keenly separated. 

Now, this mentality is dead. What you hear is its obituary; the funeral is about to be held. 

We are back to the era of minimizing the legal one and maximizing the illegal front. 

In the past, we experienced many times that the weakening of the political extension actually strengthens the hand of the armed extension.  

Now, the state will try the same method. This is the meaning of the criminalization of “no” in the lifting of immunities. 

Aside from abandoning all hope for the HDP, now even the CHP is being pushed to the side of the PKK, together with HDP, at the cost of widening the front that was meant to be shrunk. 

Criticizing and rejecting the logic that dominates the fight against terror have now been made impossible. 
Different thinking and analysis are being blocked at the initial stage. 

Let’s say our prayers for the deceased…

Those who paid condolence visits to a suicide bomber’s family, who attributed glorious resistance adjectives to terror attacks, those who upgraded terrorists’ funerals to the status of martyrs’ funerals and those who did not abandon the politics of legitimizing terror have all prepared for this result. 

The opportunity was lost through the HDP’s recklessness and indifference.  


But let us hope that the only losers will be the ones who deserved it, not the anti-terror platform.