‘Play it again, Sam’ for the depressed ones

‘Play it again, Sam’ for the depressed ones

I have underestimated the anxiety disorders caused by 49.5 percent. The loss of political power apparently takes away other powers and competencies. The case is in much more advanced dimensions than the sleep disorder related to election stress, the absence of sexual appetite, the loss of appetite, demoralization and the loss of libido that have occurred in my neighbor columnist. 

I understand that pessimism, depression, insomnia, nervousness and lack of concentration, in short, binge eating and drinking accompanying melancholy and watching Woody Allen films, are occurring at a high level. I understand this is so from the state of my neighbor columnist and the fact that nobody can take a joke nowadays.  

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli is responding to those who left his party with such words such as “Who cares if a bird flies off a mountain, what would the mountain lose, especially if that bird is a sparrow?”

I titled my piece “If only democracy arrived at the mountain” with the thought that we all needed to relax. It turned serious. 

“If a trustee lands on that mountain, what would the mountain lose? If a caretaker flies from that mountain, what would the mountain win?” sort of responses poured in this direction. 

Those who do not know might think that the Justice and Development party (AK Party) has not gained the power to rule the country for four years but has the title deed for all the land of Turkey.  

There will be referenda and elections ahead of the AK Party. That book is not closed for good. Whether for the Presidency or the Prime Ministry, in order to win, each of them they will need at least 50 percent plus one.

This is the biggest guarantee of those who did or did not vote for the AK Party on Nov. 1. There is no need to watch Woody Allen films; there is no need to make Sam play it again. There is another option in real life, these polls will be set up again, relax. 

Do not pay attention to those who benefit by abusing supporters of the government, those who misuse political struggles and impose fear on opponents…  

The AK Party, in order to be able to write the constitution, to have the president elected in a presidential system, has to make itself loved more. 

It cannot waste the votes it has in its hand; it has to cherish them as if they were jewels. 

It has to take care of this 49.5 percent as the apple of its eye, and has to add to it. 

It has to get rid of the aggressive politics because it cannot even dare to lose one vote. 

Do not be misled by actors who act as if they are able to make black lists one morning and waste newspapers and seize television stations the next. Do not pay attention to abusers and their voices. It is pure, empty air. 

In the “borrowed votes” survey CNN Türk asked IPSOS to conduct, 4 percent of the AK Party voters decided at the voting booth, while another 5 percent decided in the last week. Some 9 percent decided toward the last two weeks. Compared to the June 7 elections survey by IPSOS, those who “lent” their votes increased 2 points, to 7 percent.

In other words, at least 9 percent of the 49.5 percent can go as they came. They are here as “lent ones.” They are waiting for their reservations and hesitations to be eliminated. They are fragile votes carrying “I hope I don’t regret this” in them. 

Keep calm; your guarantee is the 50-percent-plus-one of this nation. 

The qualified majority does not unite under injustice. One more than half the nation does not agree on a wrong; the big consensus does not form around unfairness. 

Lean back, smile and tell those who disturb you with their infections, in the form of a trustee, “long live democracy.”