Making brothers and sisters from naysayers and yea-sayers

Making brothers and sisters from naysayers and yea-sayers

If you take your political campaign to mosques, then you should realize that you would be dividing the people who go to mosques to pray; you would be separating the congregants.    

Regardless of whether you work for a “yes” or for a “no,” vote, are you aware that making propaganda with heaven and hell, with reactionism and secularism, with Satan and the angel, with verses of the Koran, would mean making a tool out of religion for your own political gains? 

Can you see that there is no relevance between approving and opposing the presidential project proposed in the referendum, with defending or opposing piety or secularism?  

Even if you are a naysayer or a yea-sayer, you are a conscious voter, you are conscious Muslims. Both of you are harmless people whose wisdom can be trusted. 

Being annoyed at religion for being used as a tool for earthly governing struggles or making the election look like it is a fight for secularism, is like a prerequisite of the whole business…

Don’t demoralize. All of these political clashes can be solved in a civilized manner. There is no need to fight. 

You may be saying “yes” to one nation, one state, one country, one flag, but saying “no” to one-man regime, one party, one voice and monopolized stances on issues; don’t worry, both of you are genuine patriots and devoted democrats. You don’t have any harm for each other so stop fighting. 

If you are voting, not by looking at the acrobats in Kandil Mountains or Pennsylvania, but looking inside the package, if you think saying “yes” or “no” to a coup or terror is totally different than saying “yes” or “no” to a governing model, if you have understood that you are casting your vote to determine the kind of system you want to be ruled under; then it means your perception is clear, you cannot be manipulated.

A “yes” or a “no” is a rational choice for you, not a derailed process. Don’t fight; you are both against the coup and terror, you are both patriots. 

If you do not regard those who say “No” as democrats and as pro-liberties or those who do not say “Yes” as an enemy to the state and the nation; if you do not criminalize the “yes” or the “no,” if you do not damn them, then both of you are avoiding segmenting the nation because of elections, not otherizing your political opponents and demonizing them.  

For both of you, the serenity, inner peace and survival of the nation is above all political gains; if you value free-will more than winning or losing in the referendum, then both of you are pro-free elections. 

You both believe in a fair competition. You both are for an equal and fair race for a quality, honest and legitimate victory. You are both fair players; you would not be involved in a fight anyway. 

If you do not care who is saying “yes” or who is saying “no” but looking into the content of the proposal brought; instead of making people hate the “no,” you are making efforts to make people become fond of the “yes,” instead of demonizing the “yes,” you are trying to explain the correctness of the “no,” then you both have solved the issue; you cannot be blinded. 

Then you are ready to vote, without being against somebody or being in favor of somebody, you are ready to vote judging on what the change would actually bring or take away. 

Now that you have seen the danger; come on now, hug each other, you have the same fate, you are brothers and sisters.