For the doomsday of the AK Party

For the doomsday of the AK Party

The Okmeydanı calculations of those suffering from Tayyip-phobic disorder are similar to god’s doomsday plan.

According to the prophesy of the New Testament, all the Jews should gather at the Promised Land so that the judgment day can arrive. Only after all of them have gathered, the Second Coming of Jesus, the Messiah, will happen. 

The Evangelical Christians of the United States consider it their first duty that this prophesy is fulfilled. They are exerting efforts to prepare the proper scene for doomsday according to the book.

They have even collected donations to buy plane tickets for Russian Jews who do not have the means to go to Israel.

Well, just like that, the doomsday of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is also being prepared incident by incident.

According to the prophesy of those who have lost hope from the elections, the streets should be going up in flames. And those opportunists on the side of the opposition are carrying wood with hustle and bustle to the fire to contribute to this plan.

The violent incidents in Okmeydanı did not erupt in one day; this day of today has come step by step. First, photographs of masked men with guns in their hands were inflated as “people taking up arms to defend themselves.”

What do you expect when you introduce organized violence demonstrations as the people’s self-defense reflex?

What will happen next is quite predictable…

The illegal organization was suddenly promoted as the hero of the people. Violent acts, then, became the people’s self-defense and self-protection against the state.

Those who legitimize weapons intentionally and those who constantly justify violent demonstrations are now asking in a worldly wise manner, “We are fast being dragged into civil war; beware. How did we reach this stage?”

Could it be that it is because of those occurrences that have become so severe as to make use of even funerals to justify the Tayyip Erdoğan hatred?

Could it be because of those who make deaths tools of their ideological fights?  

Young people’s lives would be wasted on the streets; mothers’ hearts will be burned; Berkin’s, Uğur’s and Ali İsmail’s will die so that the hatred they nourish will be justified…

They will fight more, they will defend the street movements more and they will legitimize weapons more blatantly…

Could it be because of that?

It is a right “not to like Tayyip Erdoğan.” Nobody is obliged to embrace him as, “My hero, my lad.” Nobody is obliged to vote for him with blessings.

It is also a right to go out to the streets and protest the government. Whoever is not happy can work to topple the government at the ballot box. 

The government’s way of intervening with street incidents is also open to sharp criticisms. The excessive use of force by the police is absolutely not acceptable.

Up until this point, everything is recognized as democratic reactions.

However, trying to pass armed, masked groups as the legitimate people’s uprising is not because of the search for justice or rights.

Indeed, the accounts of Berkin Elvan, Uğur Kurt and Ali İsmail Korkmaz and the like will be given before the courts. Justice will surely be served.

However, those who glorify taking up arms for the sake of speeding up the preparation of the doomsday of the AK Party… Those suffering from Tayyip-phobia, who spoil and pamper illegal organizations just because it is good therapy for their phobic disorder…

In short, those who pat violent acts on the back, will they not give an account of their conduct, at least in moral and conscience courts?