Who will loose from tough politics

Who will loose from tough politics

First, a very tense election campaign period and then following it, there is a “balcony address” that tempers the strained political atmosphere… 

That was the ritual. However, this tradition has ended with the last “balcony address.” Prime Minister Erdoğan delivered a speech from the balcony again, but this time he gave the message of “On with tough politics.”

I am pointing out those who would lose the most from this situation: 

- ABDULLAH GÜL: Before the elections he was not at odds with Prime Minister Erdoğan and at the same time he was keen on protecting his image of being a “democrat and moderate politician.” The decision of Erdoğan to continue with tough politics has made this quite difficult… It looks as if he will not have a room of his own… 

- LIBERALS: Not all the liberals… The ones who supported the government despite everything, more precisely, who tried to not be at odds with the government… These names were able to raise weak objections such as “corruption claims are also important” or “the government has a style issue” before the elections. From their perspective, now, it has become difficult to maintain both the “image of a democrat” and not be at odds with Erdoğan.

- The BDP/HDP: They are obliged to not be too much to the contrary to the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government which is the executing body of the solution and peace policies in the Kurdish issue. This would have been easy or at least it would not have been an issue if Prime Minister Erdoğan adopted more moderate policies. However, as long as Erdoğan insists on authoritarian policies, this will be difficult. The debate will erupt that “Kurds are giving up democracy for the sake of their own solution.” A shadow will fall in between them and the leftist liberals and democrats who were close to them.

Object to the results

Object to the results.  Reveal the election riggings. Go after the wrongdoings at the polls… Stand up for your rights… Do not leave the platform… Resist… Hang on…

But do not neglect these three things:

First, if there is rigging in the elections, then this is the result of your neglect. If you do not go to the polls and protect them, if you do not monitor the process until its final stage, if you do not set up your polls organization perfectly, then there will be fraud and cheating during the elections. 

Second, you have to admit, in a brave way, “I have lost” when it is lost. Without bending and twisting the figures, without attempting to explain the whole matter with election fraud and cheats, without disregarding the fact that your opponent was able to win despite being under all those attacks, you should be able to say “I have lost.” 

Third, admitting that you have lost does not mean you were wrong: saying you have lost means you were not able to convince the majority of the people. If you are confident of the values you are defending, if you believe in them, then you should start searching for answers to the question “Why was I not able to convince the majority of the people?”

Let us not exaggerate Mansur Yavaş

I also like, enjoy and love his unyielding attitude, his determination, his not giving up, his efforts to stand up for his rights, his gentlemanly attitude, his standing up without bullying…

But let us not exaggerate. At the end of the day, he has not been able to topple in an “unquestionable” and “clear” way, a 20-year-old monument of “exasperation,” named Melih Gökçek, despite the considerable support he received from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) voters. He has not been able to win at the district of Beypazarı, the town he owes his political existence to. His party was only able to become the third party at Beypazarı.