What will happen in the new election in 10 clauses

What will happen in the new election in 10 clauses

One: We may say in advance the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) may increase its votes a few points. Where will those points come from? Of course they will come from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)… 

Two: There will be at least three months until the election… If in these three months, the clashes continue, if martyr funerals continue coming, then the public may start saying, “The AK Party is responsible for this…” In this case, it may be the MHP instead of the AK Party to increase its votes. 

Three: When the competition is on nationalism, it is impossible for the AK Party to pass the MHP. Look, today it is MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli who is the most talked about leader.

Four: It is not possible for the AK Party to snatch any votes from the MHP in the new path it started walking. The AK Party may further lose southeastern provinces.  

Five: Nobody doubts the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) will cross the threshold. This means no one-party victory for the AK Party. 

Six: Surveys conducted today or tomorrow will not reflect the truth. There are three months until the election and anything can happen. It is not wise to call for an early election after looking at survey results today. 

Seven: The Republican People’s Party (CHP) will maintain its vote. It may gain a few points. 

Eight: Those who think the MHP will remain under the threshold are mistaken. The period Turkey is stepping into is opening ways for the MHP. Because what the AK Party is implying with its acts is as if saying “We were wrong, the MHP was right.” In such a case, would the mistaken one or the one that was right win? 

Nine: Whether the AK Party gains successful results in an early election depends on no more martyrs; it depends on peace and order. An election held amid war and uneasiness may even lower the AK Party’s votes to 30 percent. 

Ten: Now, forget all the first nine items you have read up to now. I will say something completely different: President Tayyip Erdoğan wants to roll the dice and try his chances. He may have a good score. If good, then good. But if bad, then he will yearn for the June 7 election. 

We could not focus on Suruç 

The Suruç massacre is not one to be skipped; 32 people died horrendously. It was to be talked about for weeks, for months. 

This savage attack by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) should have been focused on.

What happened? We talked about it for two days and then we forgot. The biggest reason for this is the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). They heinously killed two policemen sleeping in their home; they changed the agenda. They wanted to say, “We are as barbaric as ISIL. You better leave ISIL and talk about us.”

Interview with Al Jazeera 

HDP Diyarbakır deputy Altan Tan told Al Jazeera, “The action at Ceylanpınar [the killing of two policemen in their beds], the killing of the traffic police in Diyarbakır, the killing of soldiers and the killing of the sergeant at Yüksekova in the market; all of these are wrong acts.  Blocking roads, torching vehicles, none of these are legitimate, cannot be accepted. None.” 

He also said, “Just as the HDP and the Kurdish political movement’s armed forces did not respond to the bombing incident at the Diyarbakır rally before the election, this period should have been managed like that.”  
He added, “All the spotlights should have been turned on Suruç. What happened to Suruç now? It is covered. It is a huge incident, not only because of the death toll. It is an operation that triggered war. Suruç should absolutely be enlightened…”