What kind of a person should Erdoğan’s rival for Çankaya be?

What kind of a person should Erdoğan’s rival for Çankaya be?

Before anything else he/she should be center right, but at the same time, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) should be able to say “Yes, we can vote for that person.” 

Actually, this is not enough. The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) should be able to say “OK” also.
Not enough. Kurds should at least have a doubt “Is this individual better than Erdoğan?”

Not enough. Even some of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) voters should find the candidate sympathetic. He/she should be a person joe or jane public. His/her anger or joy should be alike the people’s anger and joy.

That person should be a good speaker; otherwise Erdoğan will shatter him/her to pieces at the town squares.

That person should have the ability to read from the prompter. He/she should have a story, at least as good as Erdoğan’s. That person should be real, sincere.

He/she should have a nickname, something like “Karaoğlan” or “tall man” (uzun adam).
Too much politeness is not good for our people. That person should know how to manipulate crowds, maybe slightly.

That person should be able to become a victim. More importantly, he/she should be able to “sell” his/her victimization. If possible, that person should design his/her campaign directed by the spirit of the marriage shows on several TV channels.

That person should be a little bit distanced from the community, but without any distance from some sects. That person should be able to read poetry; should know by heart Necip Fazıl’s “Ballad to Sakarya.”

Be able to say Ottoman, etc… Be able to challenge the media…

Is there such a person? I don’t know. But, there is one thing I know: If there is such a person, then Erdoğan’s job is very hard. Or else? Erdoğan will seal the deal.

Uniting in humanity

The AK Party, CHP, MHP and Peace and Democracy Party (BDP)… Four political parties finally united under humanity. The four political parties prepared a joint declaration for the death sentences in Egypt not to be executed.

They said, “It is the joint wish of the national will in the Turkish Parliament that these death sentences not be carried out, which would cast a shadow on Egypt’s democratic quest, hopes, dreams and future and which will be inscribed in the history of humanity as a ‘black spot.’”

When political parties of different views meet at a joint spot in the name of humanity, isn’t it just magnificent?

Twitter for those who do not know

Twitter is a medium, a very new medium. It is a medium where known restrictions, nation-state caprices, the unique conditions of each country do not apply, cannot apply. 

Twitter is the new zone for freedom of expression… Any exceptional interference is seen as an exceptional interference with the freedom of expression.

Something like banning Twitter is out of the question. Technically, it is impossible. You could ban it here, but it would remain open in other places.

It is also not possible to ban Twitter for your own people. You could ban it, but your people would enter Twitter through other methods. In this case, you would only be left with the tag of “An administration trying to ban Twitter from its own people.”

Twitter is not a medium where everybody can act as they please. Universal standards are applied.

There are sanctions Twitter imposes in such areas as child pornography and the violation of personal rights.