Waiting for different results by doing the same things

Waiting for different results by doing the same things

In the upcoming November elections the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will again dogmatize heavy nationalism, hit the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) at every opportunity and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will definitely take to town squares for rallies. 

Also, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu will try to scold people and shout like Erdoğan, while the main theme will be “martyrs” and the “flag” will be the main component. Also, government funds and means will again be used, heroism will peak, religious terminology will be used frequently and a huge bunch of “new enemies” will be created. Again, there will be many poems cited and again Uğur Işılak will be the top folkloric singer. 

In short, whatever they did for June 7, they will do the same for Nov. 1. What I do not understand is how will it be possible to do the same things and get different results? 
Is the AK Party working for the HDP? 

All those demonizing, “otherizing” and rallies held with government funds saying “Do not vote for them…” 

Such things used to be done against the Welfare Party (RP). There were intimidations such as, “If we go, then the RP will come.” There were screams for “fundamentalists.” There were cries of “sharia will come, beware,” etc. 

All of those helped the RP grow and grow… So much so that the RP became the first party. 

When I watch the president and prime minister hand in hand charging on the HDP, I cannot but stop myself from thinking, “I wonder if they are trying to increase the votes of the HDP.”

What do local and national deputies mean 

A deputy, whether he or she, if needed, can dare to step out of the order of the one-man, if one deputy strives for peace, for brotherhood, so that not even one drop of blood is shed; if a deputy is unifying instead of polarizing, if a deputy is defending rights, law and justice in all situations and at all times; if a deputy regards the people of his/her country as first class free individuals, if a deputy respects the values of not only one portion but the whole nation, if a deputy accepts all the colors of this land as the most local components of this land, when “a nation” is mentioned, if a deputy does not understand only those who think like himself/herself; if a deputy does not define as “traitors” those who express different opinions for the sake of the country and if a deputy does not use the word “national” for discrimination and otherizing, then this deputy is the most national and the most local of deputies. 

I guess when esteemed President Erdoğan said “local and national deputy,” he meant this. Please, let us not misunderstand our president; let us abide by his valuable suggestion and elect 550 deputies who have these features. 
Why I dislike web phenomenon Fuat Avni 

First, he cannot predict most things; he does tell the truth on some. But despite this, he creates the perception of “the guy who knows everything.”

Second, he spreads wrong information that drags the society into pessimism, hopelessness and desperateness. He also makes doom mongering indiscreetly, creating exhaustion and intimidation over the opposing segments. 

While the essential and fundamental issue is the “Gülen community,” just for the sake of enlarging the front, he makes perception operations as “this is also a target, that one is also a target…”

He depicts Tayyip Erdoğan as a superhero planning, controlling and able to predict everything, thus creating the image that “nobody can oppose him.”

He also causes the creation of a fake perception that “they will shatter any moment,” by feeding false information that the close aides of Erdoğan are at each other’s throats. He is trying to prevent the society from doing an open, honest and transparent opposition by feeding secret information, alleged intelligence and rumors.