Terrorism has never been so watered down

Terrorism has never been so watered down

The journalist interviewed a person. The interviewed person joined a terror organization months later. Now, they are calling the journalist a “terrorist.” 

A TV journalist was on a live broadcast covering last minute developments and not even the incident was clear at that moment. The TV journalist, like a responsible professional, said, “Let us not call it a terror incident immediately; let us understand the content of the incident.”

They called this TV journalist a “terrorist.”

There was a title on a web site. The title had nothing to do with terror. They called the website a “terrorist.”

A journalist posted a tiny “tweet.” For one sentence the guy had written, they called him a “terrorist.”

During a talk show, when there were only five seconds before the end of the program, the subtitle said “dead” instead of “martyr.” Now they call the operator a “terrorist.” 

A story was written, a report was broadcast, an interview was done. Nothing but words were used. They called the writer, the reporter, the interviewer “terrorists.” 

Since terrorism was named terrorism, it has never been so watered down, so cheapened. 

Abdullah Gül has said nothing 

We have gotten so used to people saying “rascals, scumbags” the moment they open their mouths… Now we take a look at Abdullah Gül’s speech… 

He did not say any of these…

When this is so, then we all have the same opinion: “He talked for two hours and he said nothing, man.”  

Actually he did. He said many things. He said, “It is wrong to pressure the media.” For Abdurrahim Boynukalın, he said, “It is not possible to comprehend.” He also said Turkey should be a soft power.  

He said, “It was very important that two major parties came together.” He said, “Newspapers should not be like political party newsletters.” 

He said, “The Syrian issue can be solved through dialogue.” He also said, “The language of conflict should be abandoned,” and, “There should not be irregularities in the state system. “ He said, “There should be reforms in the economy.” He also said, “Memduh Boydak is a charitable person.” He added, “The Gezi [park incidents] were not an attempted coup d’état.” 

Despite the fact he said all this opposing sides have agreed he said nothing. Pro-government ones are commenting, “Hah, you can wait more. Gül has not given the answers you wanted.” Anti-government ones are saying, “He did not say anything significant.”

I have understood this: In this country, if you do not shout, if you do not make angry voices, if you don’t roll your eyes, if you do not insult and use insulting words, if you do not declare everybody your enemy, if you do not adopt a stance of “Either you are with me or you are my enemy,” if you do not make intelligent comments such as “Germans are envying us very much,” if you do not start speaking with “I have two guns, I have hundreds of bullets…” then you are considered to have said nothing. 

Why would the AKP rise and the MHP fall? 

The answer is very simple as to why the Justice and Development Party (AKP) would rise and why the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) would fall.

While the AKP has invited Sinan Oğan from the MHP, a person whose life was spent directing the most severe criticisms against the AKP, to join their party, the MHP crossed out one of the most liked politicians by its grassroots, Meral Akşener, who has proved numerous times her loyalty to the cause. 

For this reason the AKP would rise and the MHP would fall. 

Elections surely to be held 

I hear this here and there. They say, “They will not hold the elections.” 

I am saying, “Come on now. How will this happen?” Their answers are nothing noteworthy. 

Guys, keep calm. This election will be held. At the final analysis, this place is no Burkina Faso, or anything…