Sorry for contesting pains in Paris and Beirut

Sorry for contesting pains in Paris and Beirut

Thousands of Syrians died, Aleppo was destroyed and Damascus perished. The Syrian population had to leave their homes; they became misplaced. The corpses of children were washed up on shores. No voice saying “Pray for Syria” was echoed on a global scale.    

Bombs exploding in Baghdad became a daily routine. “Baghdad” and “massacre” became an inseparable duo.
Let alone moving the world, not even little fingers were raised. 

It was only the other day bombs went off in Beirut. A segment France was supporting bombed another segment France was not supporting. Dozens of people died. There was no solidarity campaign or anything.  

The Suruç massacre… The Ankara Massacre… They were perceived as if they were ordinary incidents… They were extremely local, extremely far away from the world… Not even a candle was lit for us. 

However, heaven knows why, when it is Paris in question, there are showy campaigns, global cries such as “Pray for Paris,” the lighting of candles, alarming the entire world and such… 

Yes, dear brother and sister, okay. Let us not race pain; let us not race them but if such an unjust, unequal and unconscientious race does not bother anyone, then what will? 

Kurdish leader Seyit Rıza 

Nov. 18 is the anniversary of the execution of Kurdish (Zaza) leader Seyit Rıza in 1937. Taking this opportunity, two quotes from Seyit Rıza: 

“I didn’t understand your deceptions. I could not cope with your lies and tricks. This was a problem for me… I did not kneel in front of you and let this be a problem for you.”

“We are the descendants of Karbala. We committed no crime. This is shame. This is cruel. This is murder.” (These were his last words before he was hung.) 

Red Ali Koç 

Ali Koç, the grandson of once the richest man in Turkey, spoke like a communist. He said richness was not shared. He also said that in order to eliminate inequality, capitalism should be abolished and that the real problem was actually capitalism. 

You know what? Let me tell you that if Ali Koç spoke like this in old times, he would have been interrogated for being a communist, arrested and labeled as a “Russian spy.” He would have been sentenced according to the now abolished articles 141 and142 of the Turkish Penal Code. 

Thanks god we are no longer living in old times and nothing negative is going to happen to Ali Koç. 

Denial, rejection and assimilation 

This graffiti was written on the wall of a poor house in Silvan, southeastern Turkey. It was scribbled by the “Special Forces” in black letters and it said, “Take pride if you are a Turk, if not, obey.”

In this sentence, there is rejection, denial and an attempt to assimilate.  

Dear President, you have said, in every single speech of yours for the past five years, “We have ended rejection, denial and assimilation policies.” Look now, the state is writing its ambition to reject, deny and assimilate on the walls of Silvan. Will you not say anything? 

And you, Dear Prime Minister, and also you, Dear Interior Minister… Will you not say anything to the officials who wrote this slogan on the wall, this discriminatory, separatist, provocative, disturbing graffiti of denial, rejection and assimilation? This one that disregards the Kurds, the one that regards being a Turk as a reason to be proud, that foresees only obedience for non-Turks…   

World leaders in Antalya 

U.S. President Barack Obama looks like he is programmed to crack an intelligent joke right after this. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin looks as if he is cold, distanced, arrogant, stealthy, sneaky and uninterested. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is like an aunty who has a pot meal boiling on the stove. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s looks can compete with our internationally handsome star, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ. 

Saudi King Fahd is quite a Mercedes guy.