Record party-raiding jackals caused the worst evil

Record party-raiding jackals caused the worst evil

A handful of ignorant, lumpen and patronizing jackals, thinking that they themselves were the defenders of the neighborhood, religion, fasting and Ramadan, have done the worst evil to this country. Here are the seven evils these jackals have done: 

ONE: They have dealt a strong blow to our social peace and our efforts to be together despite our differences.
TWO: They have caused the perception that “this country does not have the freedom to not believe and to not worship.” 

THREE: They have caused the eruption for a potential domestic disturbance in the country and the creation of a confrontational atmosphere. 

FOUR: They have made a tremendous contribution to the already bad image of Turkey hitting rock bottom.
FIVE: By creating the perception of Islam, which is a religion of tolerance, as a religion of intolerance, they have contributed to the elevation of Islamophobia.

SIX: By inflicting a very heavy blow to Turkey’s and Istanbul’s tourism potential, they have dealt the deathblow to tourism, which is already in a crisis.

SEVEN:  They have caused a significant portion of the society to fall into a spiral of intimidation, panic, rage and insecurity.

Most back-stabbers university graduates 

Environment Minister Mehmet Özhaseki said statements corresponding to this in meaning: “Most of those who are denigrating our country internationally are university graduate cannibals; whereas are the imam schools [religious vocational high schools] like this? Nobody, no graduate of an imam school would discredit the country abroad.” 

I would like to remind Mehmet Özhaseki that at the top of the list of those who complained about the country abroad during the Feb. 28, 1997, period were the members of the Welfare Party (RP), who were graduates of imam schools. We, as the graduates of imam schools, were making visits to Europe and the U.S. We were filing complaint after complaint that “Turkey’s rulers are banning the headscarf.”

I know of so many graduates of imam schools who cried to European and American officials, saying, “They do not give us the opportunity to do politics in Turkey.”

So, what now, Mehmet Özhaseki? What if somebody comes out now and reminds you of those days and tells you, “In those days, most of those who were denigrating our country internationally were imam school graduate cannibals?” 

Would that be suitable? And would that not be very rude? 

A lesson to these jackals 

Come on Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım. Just as you snapped at the guy who said those who do not perform prayers are animals by saying “crap,” say a couple of words to these jackals too, and maybe a bit harsher...
Come on Tourism Minister Nabi Avcı. Say something to these jackals for the death blow they have dealt to our already troubled tourism.  

Come on Efkan Ala. Order the police so that these jackals are caught and appear before justice as soon as possible. 

Come on Numan Kurtulmuş. Make such a call to these jackals that have disrupted social tranquility, peace and security.

Do so, so that no other jackal would ever find the courage to make such an attempt again.  

Dear old Beyoğlu mayor 

The first tweet from Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan, after the record listening party attack, read, “As all other acts that have violence in it, the incident at Firuzağa cannot be approved; I condemn it.”
I thought, “Ok. This was a good start.”

I continued reading; his second message was this: 

“The provocation, the footage from the venue, the association of the incident with fasting and lifestyle and the service of the story are a conspiracy planned against social peace.”  

Now, look at what he wrote: It was a provocation. What provocation, man, what provocation? Why is your threshold of being provoked so low? 

“The footage from the venue.” I absolutely did not understand this. “This cannot be associated with fasting.”

Well, the jackal who raided the shop is saying it; he is associating it with fasting. 

Servicing the story? So, the one who has been attacked, when he is publicizing that he is being attacked, is that a service? 

The third message was this: “The incident is a matter for the police and the justice. Those who want to use this incident as a lever should not be given the opportunity; we should not give this opportunity.”

Well, Ahmet Misbah Demircan, don’t you have a scarce of fairness? As a matter of fact, “fairness is half of religion,” they say. 

Before dropping innuendos to those who want to use the incident as a lever, could a person not have even one word to say to the Firuzağa jackals? 

What kind of business is this?