Opinion polls show a rise for AKP, they believe...

Opinion polls show a rise for AKP, they believe...

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu recently stated: “We are going up in the opinion polls … We are doing everything we can for our votes to increase and to achieve one-party rule.” 

They are doing everything they can and they are going up in the polls. 

Let us take a look at what is happening: Terror has escalated to disastrous dimensions. Hopes for a peaceful solution have ended. Kurds are restricted under the umbrella of one party. A dangerous and de facto state of separation is at issue. Rehearsals for a civil war are staged. Threats and attacks have started to increase. The U.S. dollar, which they once predicted would go down to 1 Turkish Lira, has risen to 3 liras.

Despite all that, they are going up in the polls and they will continue to do all they can. If they are going to do their best to rise even further in the polls, may God save our country…

Theories about Binali Yıldırım 

Former Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım is reported to have been mulling a Justice and Development Party (AKP) leadership bid against Davutoğlu. Then a deal was reached and Yıldırım withdrew in favor of Davutoğlu.

This is being whispered. 

Still, the question arose: “What would happen if Davutoğlu was replaced by Yıldırım?”

Here is my summary in five points: 

ONE: The leadership seat that even Davutoğlu cannot fill would be very difficult for Yıldırım to fill. 

TWO: Even Davutoğlu, who was said to be quite capable of delivering speeches, has proved to be not articulate enough. The completely non-existent public speaking ability of Binali Yıldırım may give the AKP an even harder time.

THREE: Yıldırım is a doer. He builds roads, fast trains, etc. He is an engineer and he has organizational abilities. But these kinds of qualifications are sought in “normal” countries, not countries wracked by turmoil. 

FOUR: How will the terror problem be solved? This is Turkey’s biggest and the most important question today. Yıldırım may be inadequate in providing full answers to this question. Well, Davutoğlu’s situation on this issue is also out there, but whatever… 

FIVE: A government formed under the prime ministry of Binali Yıldırım would cooperate with the president well beyond simple “harmony.” What about a government under the prime ministry of Davutoğlu? Is it not also cooperating harmoniously? It is, but at least the Davutoğlu government shows minor flaws every now and then.
Kurdish martyrs 

Infantry Private Gökhan Çakır fell in Reyhanlı. Çakır was Kurdish. He gave his life for his country. 

But the most striking statement came from the uncle of the young martyr. “Yesterday our businesses were attacked because we are Kurds. Today, we received news that our son has been killed as a soldier,” he said.

Racism in Yozgat 

Meanwhile, an ignorant, despicable racist banner was hung at the entrance of the Central Anatolian province of Yozgat, reading: “Dogs allowed, Kurds not allowed.” 

Look, people of Yozgat… My fellow townsmen… Do not succumb to the dishonor of this low racism. Immediately bring to justice whatever hate-spewing man put it up.  

Trample that banner under your feet. In place of that banner, write one that says: “Turks and Kurds are brothers.”
Hey, Cizre 

The 20th century Islamic thinker Said Nursi once said: “Even if there were one innocent man and nine criminals aboard a ship, it would be against all rules of justice to sink it” 

I also use the principles of Nursi. Just because there are criminals in Cizre, it is inhumane to cut off the life veins of the town. It is not human to torment an entire population without discriminating between the innocent and the criminal. 

Attack on a soup shop in broad daylight  

Finally, let me address those who attacked a soup restaurant in broad daylight in Diyarbakır… Those terrorists who murdered the poor waiter… These scumbags know nothing other than shedding blood and killing… 

You deserve to be drowned inside the bloodbath you have created…