If I were one of these four Cabinet ministers

If I were one of these four Cabinet ministers

If I were in the place of Egemen Bağış, Muammer Güler, Zafer Çağlayan and Erdoğan Bayraktar, you know, the four former Cabinet ministers… I would have done this:

First: I would stage a demonstration right across the room where the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee meets. I would hold a banner written with this on it: “I want to be tried and acquitted at the Supreme Council.  Send me to the Supreme Council. If you do not send me to the high court, I will come and seize you by the collar.”

Second: I would address all of the members of the panel, asking them: “How come you are stopping me from giving an account in the court for the watch I am wearing? What right do you have to take the opportunity from me where I can prove that I would not stoop to taking bribes from someone called Reza?”

Third: I would appear at least on eight television channels every day, cry out loud: “There was no gift inside the chocolate box sent to me. I want to be tried at the Supreme Council to prove this. They should send me to the high court.”

Fourth: I would write letters to at least 19 columnists a day. In my letters I would say, “The money my son is earning is all legitimate and halal to the last penny. I want to be tried in the Supreme Council to prove this. “

Fifth: I would take the floor at Parliament’s general assembly at every opportunity I could find and demand, “Dear Parliament, send me to the Supreme Court.”

Sixth: I would lobby among all the deputies of my own party, begging, “Just do it. Please send me to the Supreme Council. So that I will be acquitted, be declared innocent.”

Seventh: I would set up tents in front of the presidential palace and the Office of the Prime Ministry… On top of my tents, I would put up a banner reading: “I want to go to the Supreme Council.” I might even start a hunger strike…

Is racism rising in Europe?

In Germany’s Dresden, when a large anti-Islam rally was held, most of our papers wrote: “Racist danger in Germany, Anti-Islam rally in Europe, 17,000 participated in the anti-Islam rally.”

As a matter of fact, there is another side to the story: There was another rally, an anti-racist one against this racist meeting in Dresden where thousands of Germans participated. The German press had very severe criticisms against anti-Islam racists. A vast majority of German politicians objected to the anti-Islamism.

Weren’t we against the understanding that saw all the Muslims as supporters of “al-Qaeda and terrorists?” Then, why should we adopt the stance of regarding the entire Europe as anti-Islamist and racist?

Instead of making generalizations by saying “racist Europe” and “anti-Islam Europe,” wouldn’t it be better to try being in solidarity with Europeans genuinely working against the rise of anti-Islam in Europe?

Mechanism of peace process    

Sırrı Süreyya Önder said, “There is a coup mechanism.” I do not know about the “coup mechanism,” but I am sure there is a mechanism in the peace process.

Reconciliation mechanics work like this, more or less: First, an official from the HDP issues a statement, “The peace process is going very well.” Next, from Kandil Mountains, a stamen arrives saying, “No, it is not going so well.” Then, deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan makes a statement fine tuning Kandil.