How did they achieve 40 percent?

How did they achieve 40 percent?

All the planes and helicopters of the state were at their service. The head of the republic, the president, openly asked for votes for a political party. The constitution had been violated, continuously.

On one hand, the president, on the other hand the prime minister held rallies. These rallies were broadcast live on 88 channels. 

General managers and heads of departments, governors and district governors were all at their service. 

Even the smallest-sized posters of the opposition parties were ripped off walls immediately, whereas all the walls of all cities were exposed to the smile of Ahmet Davutoğlu. 

As if the rallies were not enough, both the president and prime minister were hosted on evening television shows with “soft” questions. 

The state radio and television TRT disregarded the 60 percent and worked only for the 40 percent. 

The official Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) remained quiet on the transformation of mosques into places of propaganda. 

Fatwas were given, implying that those who would not vote for the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) would be considered as those dividing Islam.

One-on-one work was done. House calls were made on those who they thought would not vote for the AK Party. Phone calls were had; “influential” people were assigned to visit those homes. 

A long, TV commercial, three and a half minutes in length, of the state’s Ziraat Bank, plus another three-and-a-half minute long Turkish Airlines commercial were aired, praising the ruling party. 

They said, “We have built local planes; we have built local cars.” Nothing was left unsaid. 

The media that openly and officially sided with the government attacked the impartial media as “biased” media. 

It was called the “Liberation War;” it was also called the “Gallipoli War,” as if an army of heathens was attacking them. 

At the ceremonies of the Conquest of Istanbul day, they celebrated the conquest of the city more than the conqueror Sultan Mehmet. They tried to compile nationalist votes. 

The cry of “eyyyy” was uttered 250 times. 

Even though they lived in palaces and all their needs were met, they drew victimization out of the death sentence given to Morsi. 

They tried to intimidate people with “If we go, then the bogeymen will come and eat you.”

As if pro-government media was not enough, no-name, no-source newspapers attacking the opposition were printed and distributed. 

In short, all the aces and cards were bid and 40 percent was received. What I am trying to say is that in a possible early election, even if they play all these cards and more, the votes they will receive will not be one more than this percent. 

Thus spoke the AKP 

Here are one-sentence summaries of the AK Party’s atmosphere…

One pro-government citizen said, “This nation is ungrateful.” 

Professor Burhan Kuzu said, “78 million hands were raised for chaos.” 

The advisor known for using plenty of hair gel is singing suicidal songs.

Ethem, who had declared his platonic love for the president, is now saying “I wish I had hidden my love.” 

A person associated with the “pool” is now crying, “The dollar is going upward; are you happy Turkey?”

Why did Erdoğan fall from favor? 

He lost his authenticity. He “faked” it. 

He pushed; he pushed too hard. He could not figure out how to settle. 

He ignored shared wisdom. He despised everybody and everything. He could not be calm and mature. He wasted his story. He pestered the life out of us. 

He assumed that the same strategy would give the same result every time. He tried to politically engineer.

He only trusted his own self. 

He presented the Koran at political rallies. 

Five findings

If Erdoğan had acted like a president, he would have been the most prestigious person Turkey needed now the most. 

The AK Party and Erdoğan have contributed to the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in crossing the election threshold. If they had not attacked the HDP so much, the vote percentage would have really been on a knife’s edge. 

The hitmen lost the most in these elections. They could not scare anybody and they have been recorded in history as “hitmen.” 

The cabinet minister, who said “the increase in the dollar does not affect the citizen,” should stage dive on the government and ruling party crowd who are complaining about the rise of the dollar. 

After the elections results came, the shares of the company producing TOMAs (police water cannon vehicles) plummeted in the stock market. As poet Cemal Süreyya said, “I wish I had loved you only for this.”