How can a ‘second Gezi’ erupt?

How can a ‘second Gezi’ erupt?

Rumor has it that our government is secretly wishing for a second round of Gezi Park protests to erupt before the elections, for trouble and chaos to break out. This would give the government to opportunity to again say, “Foreign powers, coup-lovers, etc.” They want their voter block to be consolidated, and for their votes to skyrocket...

If this rumor is indeed true, then I would like to say this to our government officials:

What was called “Gezi” did not erupt out of the blue. You have to do certain things for it to happen.

For instance, you have to shoot tear gas bombs at people waiting in the park. You have to torch their tents at dawn. You have to attack 30 people who are reading a press statement with 300 policemen. You have to hit and beat those who are reading a press statement. You have to release enough tear gas to choke people. You have to make whoever is observing the scene, whoever has a conscience, to protest and say, “This is enough.”

If you do this, then there will be a second Gezi.

If you don't, then you will have to wait a long time.

On the new presidential palace...

You're asking, “Why have you built a 1,000-room palace? Is this appropriate?”

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ has an answer for you: “Turkey’s second President İsmet İnönü also included a pool table at the Pembe Köşk.”

Well, dear, can a “1,000-room palace” and a “three-penny pool table” be included in the same category? Can these two ever be compared?

What is this attempt to drain legitimacy from İsmet Pasha?

If İsmet Pasha had built himself a 1,000-room palace, would you be defending it like a kindergarten child, “But, teacher, he did it first?”

More importantly, if you are so content with getting support from what İsmet Pasha did in the past to counter those critics of what you have done now then why, for 12 years, have you annoyed us by dragging İsmet Pasha’s name through the mud? Why?

On Istanbul's third airport...

When Istanbul's third airport is built, the Atatürk Airport will be shut down. The question is what will happen to the large plot occupied by the Atatürk Airport now. What will the state do about it? Will it be given over to towers, residences, hotels, shopping malls, etc.?

Will that place be covered in concrete again?

According to the chair of the Exporters Assembly, Mehmet Büyükekşi, yes, it will be completely covered with concrete. The state will fill that place with concrete.

In such a situation, what should a nongovernmental organization’s leader do? He or she should be calling on those governing, “Don't do it. Don't smother that area with concrete. There is no place left in Istanbul for us to breathe. Make a park out of that place, declare the area a green space.”

But, obviously, Büyükekşi has no hope left about officials. He is referring the issue to the people. He is saying, “If each Istanbul resident donates 10 Turkish Liras, if we collect $15 billion, if we give this money to the state, then we can save that space…”

Just look at the situation we're in. We're trying to save, as people, land that belongs to us, from our own state, with our own money.

What a pity!