Here are the Turkish army’s patriotic officers

Here are the Turkish army’s patriotic officers

Six ex-commanders in the Turkish army who were subjected to the conspiracies of the Fethullah Gülen Community Terror Organization, who were slandered, who were jailed and who were discharged from the army were hosted on my television program on CNN Turk: Adm. Kadir Sağdıç, Adm. Semih Çetin, Col. Ali Türkşen, Col. Eray Güçlüer, Lt.-Col. Professor Tayfun Uzbay and Maj. Levent Bektaş.
All six of them gave credit to the glorious resistance of the people against the coup. They all said they knew the Fethullah group within the army was going to stage a coup and they were not surprised at all. All six of them highlighted the significance and the meaning of the political reconciliation atmosphere that emerged afterward. All of them drew attention to the grasping of the importance of returning to the fundamental principles of the republic. 

All of them strongly emphasized the role played by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on the night of the coup. All six of them expressed the claim that the United States was behind this coup. All of them said there was still uncertainty over the incidents experienced on the night of the coup and many questions left unanswered. 

They all expressed that the members of the “Peace in the Country Council” should definitely be determined. They all agreed on the absolute failure of the current command level. They all said that they knew this group was bad but never guessed they would be this bad. They all complained that their warnings were not taken into consideration at the time. 

They agreed on how dangerous this organization was. They said they were treated unlawfully but those who are arrested today should be treated lawfully and should have access to a fair trial.

With their experience, their background, their pride, the way they expressed themselves, their sincerity, their fearless talk, their self-confidences, their bravery, their courage and maturity, they were very effective. 
I want to address them from here: “Forgive us, commanders. We should have done more for you. We could have exerted more effort to prevent the disasters you had to endure. We could have taken to the streets for you. We should have sided more for you. We did not do it; we could not do it. For this reason, our heads are low before you. Please forgive us.”

The already injured army 

It has been the same scene ever since the day of the coup attempt. At the entrance of all military facilities, there are trucks, most of them belonging to municipalities, blocking the way. Those officers who have not participated in the coup attempt, those who have resisted and those who have repelled the coup are complaining. 

“We are ashamed while we are entering our facilities,” they said. 

Also, it is technically impossible to block the tanks with such measures. 

I am calling on the authorities: End this practice that is injuring the already injured Turkish army as soon as possible. 

Four principles about journalists 

The statements of journalists will be taken and journalists can be interrogated if these four principles are respected: 

1) Those who are not escaping and are ready to give their statements should not be detained as a punishment.

2) These kinds of detentions that are used as a punishment should not be repeated, like the unlawful ones of past times. 

3) Stances that can be questioned morally and actual crimes should definitely be separated. 

4) Those who are not members of the organization that tried to stage the coup should not be accused just because of what they have written.