Has the Religious Affairs head become our religious leader?

Has the Religious Affairs head become our religious leader?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently referred to the head of the Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) as “our religious leader.”

Immediately after he said this, some crazy questions came to my mind. Questions such as these: 

- Why are we not aware of this situation? 

- Who elected him as our religious leader?

- Can one become a religious leader by appointment? 

- If Mehmet Görmez is a religious leader, then is former Diyanet head Ali Bardakoğlu not a religious leader? 

- Why was a Mercedes not allocated to Ali Bardakoğlu? 

- If heads of the Diyanet are our “religious leaders” then why don’t we hold a “Religious Leaders Summit” of the living heads of this directorate? Why don’t we discuss the “Mercedes” topic in that summit? 

- Are the “pope” and the “Diyanet head” equal? 

- So now we have a “spiritual leader”? 

- Are we also going to confess our sins to this leader? 

- Will Mehmet Görmez sanctify us? 

In short: What on earth is going on? 

If the AK Party loses, if the AK Party wins… 

If the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) wins the election convincingly, the following will be said: “As soon as the chief stepped foot in town and city squares, votes peaked. If it were not for Erdoğan, this victory could not have been achieved. We owe this result to the president. He did not remain impartial and he boosted our votes.” 

If the AK Party loses votes in the election, the following will be said: “It’s all because of Davutoğlu. Instead of explaining his own projects, Davutoğlu was criticizing others’ projects. Davutoğlu did not quite make his presence felt. Things cannot go on with Davutoğlu.” 

An address to ‘Sems’ Ethem 

I would like to address businessman Ethem Sancak, the chairman of the Hedef Alliance Holding, who recently likened his love of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to that of the dervish Shams for Rumi. 

Hey Shams, now you have to tell me the truth…

If Tayyip Erdoğan had not been a powerful president, if he had not been the king of decision-makers, if he had not been so successful, if he had not emerged victorious from his fight with the Gülen movement, if he had lost his power, if he was not in a situation to grant you state tenders, would you still be Shams to his Rumi? 

Would you still have said: “I have fallen so much in love with Tayyip Erdoğan that I now understand the love between Rumi and Shams”? 

For the love of God, tell me the truth. Would you still have said this? 

So enraged on May 27

I am so full of rage for those who overthrew former President Adnan Menderes on May 27, 1960. My rage does not cool even one notch. Even though years have passed since it took, there is not a trace of cooling in my rage. I want to slap those in the face who say, “But Menderes made big mistakes too.” 

I am so angry that I do not want to make an evaluation with common sense, an impartial analysis. I do not want to understand the incidents objectively 

I am so full of rage against those heartless beings that even if he had made the biggest mistake on earth, I want to write my name besides that of Menderes.