Counting on HDP leader to take that bold step

Counting on HDP leader to take that bold step

If those in the “mountains” were not so thirsty to kill; if they had not murdered a major in front of his family; if they had not shot two policemen in the head while they were sleeping; if they had not gone back to the 1990s as if they had missed those days…

I am asking would it have been so easy for Erdoğan to overturn the table. Would it have been so easy to play the war drums? Would it be so easy to try to criminalize the Kurdish issue-focused Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), and give HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş such a hard time? 

If all of these are possible today; there is one reason for it: It is this big appetite of the “mountains” to kill…  
Kandil (the “mountains”) has provided the government the best opportunity to disable Demirtaş and the HDP in the eyes of the Turkish public. 

Kandil has shed blood. The government, which wants to drown the HDP, is using the blood shed by Kandil to do so. 

Now, exactly for this reason…

What is expected from a politician with the caliber and intelligence of Demirtaş, from a political party like the HDP, which was able to increase its votes to 13 percent, is to spoil this game. 

But this game cannot be spoiled just by dry, unsentimental and ineffective words. 

Not with sentences such as, “Both sides should pull their fingers away from the trigger. We do not want anybody to die. We want peace.” No.

If this game is to be spoiled, it can be spoiled by one very effective sentence. A sentence addressing the “mountains…” 

The wisdom, which came up with the magnificent one sentence of “We will not let you be that president,” will be able to easily find the “one sentence” to be told to the mountains. 

As long as he wants; as long as he finds the courage, Demirtaş can.   

A big child of a government 

Wasn’t it you that said, “Mothers will not cry anymore?” Did you not say, “We have a genius plan; we will solve this issue whatever it takes?” Did you not say, “This issue cannot be solved by killing and destructing?

A new road should be tried. The same methods were tried for 30 years; now a new one is needed?” Didn’t you tell us, dear government, that the HDP is a legal party? 

Now, as if you have never uttered any of these words, you are saying, this business is over. Instead of admitting you were incapable of managing it, you are complaining about this and that. You say there were conspiracies, you were deceived. Actually, none of what you foresaw in the Middle East came true: Your Bashar al-Assad is still there and you have made a mess of the resolution process. And now, you are complaining about the terrorists? 

Are you a child, government? You are constantly deceived, falling victim to conspiracies, cannot manage processes… Are you a big child? 

And when will you ever be embarrassed? When will you ever say, “We messed it up again?” 

When will you hold yourself responsible, for at least one thousandth of it? 

When will you learn to apologize to your people? When will you say “I am very sorry?” When, dear government, when?