Banditry reigning in newspaper columns

Banditry reigning in newspaper columns

A person named Cem Küçük wrote this in his column on Sept. 9 about me: “If we wanted to, we can crush you like a fly. We have been merciful to you up to this day and because of that you can still survive.” 

Please take note that this wannabe mobster is talking in the plural. He said, “We will crush you like a fly. We have been merciful.” He is trying to say, “Otherwise we would have killed you long time ago.”

I am asking this columnist mobster: What do you mean when you say “we;” could you spell it out?  

Who are “you” and who do you stand for? Did you form an armed gang? Did you found an organized crime organization? 

Are you a terror organization where you keep alive those you mercy and murder those who you do not deem worthy enough of your mercy? 

Who is at the head of this terror gang focused on killing? How many hitmen do you work with? 

You have mentioned “smashing like a fly;” who have you smashed like a fly up until this day? Who is the father of your mafia? 

Hey, you, the columnist of a bandit! 

Since you have lost your temper to the extent that you will be recorded in world press history as “the columnist who threatened with death in his column,” then do blind yourself with anger a bit more and show the courage to answer these questions. Show that courage so we will know whose bullock you are. 

Questions to the chief spy 

Dear National Intelligence Organization (MİT) Undersecretary Hakan Fidan, 

Yesterday, on Sept. 9, a person named Cem Küçük wrote in his newspaper column about me, “If we want, we can smash you like a fly. We have been merciful to you up to this day and because of that you can still survive.” 

Does your institution have any association with this guy? It is said that you and this person went into a room during an Aug. 30 reception and talked for half an hour. Is this true? 

If it is true, what did you talk with this person? 

Are you not bothered personally and in the name of your institution that this person is threatening everybody randomly in his newspaper column, giving the impression that he has you at his back supporting him?  

Is there a possibility for you to reply to these questions, which I have asked, without any prejudice? 

Do we have rule of law here? 

The guy has written in his column, “We have been merciful to you and this is the reason you are alive; otherwise we could have smashed you like a fly.” 

State officials who we have entrusted our lives to are quiet. Cabinet ministers and deputies are quiet. Public prosecutors are also quiet. My old friend Beşir Atalay is quiet. Mr. Numan is quiet. The democrat leader, Abdullah Gül, is quiet. The rumor-generating opponents in the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), even though they tell everyone they meet that they are very annoyed on what is going on, are quiet. The prime minister who mentions legitimacy in every sentence of his is also quiet.  

If one-thousandth of the threat that this guy has directed me was directed to one of the writers in the pro-government newspapers, they would have raised hell. 

Actually, if this place was not a mountain top but a place with rule of law, this bandit would have never, ever be this daring… 

Is this the AK Party’s opinion leader? 

I want to ask the AK Party: Is your opinion leader this person named Cem Küçük? Can you really accept this man who wants to have people fired randomly, who randomly imposes “character assassinations” and who randomly makes people targets? 

After ruling the country for 13 years, the place you have arrived is a place where a guy who says “We will smash you like a fly” has become an opinion leader for you; is that so? 

Is he the new thinker of your “New Turkey,” the one who says “You are alive thanks to our mercy?”

Will you bring unity, integrity, peace and happiness to Turkey with these kinds of hitmen? Won’t any of you tell this guy, “You do not represent us; do not talk on our behalf?”