A call for not taking either side

A call for not taking either side

We have lost 301 of our workers. Now what has happened is this: They want us to take one of the two sides.

While one side says, “We hope this situation leads to the fall of the government,” the other side says, “I hope these dead workers do not damage our one and only government.”

While one side is trying to increase the number of casualties, the other side is trying to minimize the number of the dead.

While one side regards this major tragedy as an opportunity for a political victory that it was not able to gain no matter what, the other side is striving not to let this major tragedy affect its votes the slightest bit.

While one side is working so that these workers’ deaths boost the hate for Erdoğan, the other side is trying to prevent any drop in the love for Erdoğan over them.

Both sides are far from love and mercy. They are both making calculations and are both opportunists. They have no empathy and are not embracing.

Both sides are not focusing on the miners who lost their lives but rather on the political opportunities that can be gained or lost over them.

In a few weeks, both sides will have forgotten Soma, the mine, and the workers, and will instead say “Let’s look to the matches ahead.” This is for sure.

Let’s spoil this game. Let’s reject being a part of either side. Let’s stay away from all calculations, all plans, all perception operations. Let’s take our position on the side of the dead workers.

Amid all this nagging, rudeness, demagoguery, insincerity, cruelty, barbarity, and mercilessness - in other words, among all this pollution - we can only stay clean by taking the side of the innocent miners who have been massacred and their innocent ones left behind.

[HH] What about the history of kicking?

Now I address the mentality that used historic events to make the mine accident look ordinary: “Why did you not use history to make your advisor’s kick look ordinary?”

For example, why did you not come out and say this:

Year: 1815. Place: France.

Then, three advisors to Napoleon Bonaparte kicked, slapped and battered a French looter in the middle of Paris who was complaining. Things go this way in every part of the world. The kicking and slapping business is in the nature of advising.

The guy in the supermarket

The guy in the market has changed his testimony four times in four days.

On the first day he said, “The prime minister slapped me.”

On the second day he said, “The prime minister’s security guards battered me.”

On the third day he said, “There was no hitting or slapping.”

On the fourth day he said, “What prime minister, what slap, what security?”

This may be a new definition of democracy: Democracies are regimes in which a person who makes an important and dangerous claim does not change his statement four times in four days.

The nature of nukes

Let us assume we have a nuclear power plant. And God forbid, a disaster occurs at our nuclear plant.
What will happen? Will our officials come out and say, “This is the nature of nukes. There in Japan, over there in Chernobyl…”?

If they are going to say that, I say that we should give up all nuclear projects immediately. For three reasons:

First: There is no joke about nuclear.

Second: There will not be any sub-contractors to blame over nuclear plants.

Three: If an accident, by its nature, has happened once in Japan, then for sure here in Turkey it will happen a thousand times.