Northern Cyprus looking forward to getting vaccinated

Northern Cyprus looking forward to getting vaccinated

LEFKOŞA- Anadolu Agency
Northern Cyprus looking forward to getting vaccinated

Turkish Cypriots are looking forward to getting vaccinated against the novel coronavirus as authorities plan to start administering vaccines soon.

Mustafa Nagas, a resident of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), said he planned to get the vaccine. "The COVID-19 vaccine is now an indispensable vaccine, they have to get it administered. We're also thinking of getting vaccinated as a family."

Nagas said he trusts coronavirus jab, adding that he does not want to carry the risk of getting the virus by not vaccinating both for himself and his family.

Another TRNC resident, Fettah Uzun also said he wants to receive the vaccine as recommended by the Health Ministry.

Underlining that COVID-19 was an "international epidemic," he said people must base their decisions on experts in such situations. "Therefore, I'm thinking of receiving it [vaccine]."

Uğur Avşar also was thinking of getting vaccinated for the health of his family and that of the elderly, rather than his own health.

"I believe we should get vaccinated for public health. Vaccines will arrive from Turkey. I want to say that I'll receive a vaccine because our motherland is thinking of us and sending the vaccine, and I trust them, too," Avsar said.

On Monday, Turkish Cypriot Health Minister Ali Pilli had announced Turkey would send COVID-19 vaccines to the TRNC.

"Vaccines will arrive in Turkey soon. After arriving there, examinations and controls of the vaccines will be made, and vaccination will start and some vaccines will be sent to us. Vaccines are expected to arrive in the next 10 days," he added.