New blast in central district of Damascus: TV

New blast in central district of Damascus: TV

New blast in central district of Damascus: TV

A handout image released by the Syrian opposition's Shaam News Network shows a car bomb which exploded in the al-Sinaa neighbourhood of Damascus on April 27, 2012. AFP Photo.

A blast rocked the Syrian capital's central district of Midan on Friday, causing casualties, state television reported.

"The explosion took place in the Midan neighbourhood, near the Zein al-Abidin mosque," the television reported.

Earlier Friday, a separate explosion was heard in the Syrian capital Damascus near a government facility housing militiamen loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, residents and activists said.
Ambulances rushed to the al-Sinaa district, a residential neighbourhood in the south of Damascus, where the explosion was reported, near a government bus garage.

"The target is not clear. It may have been a car bomb or a roadside bomb attack on a car passing near the garage," an anti-Assad activist who gave his name as Moaz, said from the city.

"Shabbiha meet there every Friday, but it is not clear that the garage was the target," he said, referring to the pro-Assad "shabbiha" militiamen who witnesses say have been using state buildings around the country as bases for themselves.

The garage was used as a meeting point for militiamen entrusted with preventing anti-Assad demonstrations in the capital, Moaz said.

Armed rebels, who have been operating increasingly close to the capital, have begun targeting senior security officers and shabbiha militiamen in recent weeks, opposition sources said.
Compiled from Reuters and AFP reports by the Daily News staff in Istanbul.