Neighborhood girls in Turkey

Neighborhood girls in Turkey

Neighborhood girls in Turkey It’s a concept; I don’t know if it’s unique to Turkey. In Turkish, it’s “mahalle kızı,” literally meaning “neighborhood girl,” but it also means the bitch of all bitches: extremely manipulative, never to be trusted, pretentious, capable of playing any game or trick on you or anybody else, very good at acting; textbook drama queen, has no known virtue, the opposite of honest. She is low-quality, low-class and a huge pain in the you know what. They are actually quite clever at the same time.

You can find them in every Turkish family, in every office in Turkey. They seem to be multiplying in numbers these days. I am somehow a magnet for neighborhood girls; they happen to come and find me wherever I am; on the bus, in the office, in the cafeteria...

One typical neighborhood girl gesture is to turn her head away when you say “Good morning” or “Hello” to her. I mean, what sane person does that? What is your gain in turning down a simple salute? For the moment, I have one of three of these in my life; one was in the company shuttle bus (I don’t take that bus anymore), the other two are still in the office; one is half-cured, the other is just blooming – in an amateurish way.  

It is never enough for them, these neighborhood girls. They are nasty and rude themselves, but they want others to be the same. They love to turn people against you.

The “mahalle” girls hate people for no reason. They make up stories, start believing their own stories; they want others to believe their stories. They are quite strong characters in Turkish society. She is capable of doing anything… She likes making her husband jealous, loves to have a guy beaten because of her… 

They are a constant disturbance in a group or in a party unless all the attention is on them. They believe everybody should be at their service at all times. 

They also know everything; they have an idea about every subject. They don’t respect anybody else’s ideas, though. For instance, they believe they are the best doctors in the world; they give you medical advice. If you don’t follow their advice, they get upset. One other area they claim to be best in is sex and managing men… They usually end up alone or their partner goes crazy.

In her every speech there is a power play. She wants to defeat people. I believe a major part of them are Sagittariuses. The male Sagittarius is quite impossible – I know; I’m married to one. But the Sagittarius female is just unbearable. You do not want to be around her for even a full minute. 

Sometimes they have their own TV show.

Don’t let me go on. You got it.

I have always wondered why these girls are this way. Why are they so evil and destructive and seem to enjoy harming others? 

Well, this person is a girl born in Turkey. She is born in Turkish society to a father and mother who are members of Turkish society. The poor girl has no chance after this all-inclusive explanation. She will always feel like something is missing…

This is like being born very unfortunate. These bitches, because they are so clever, start noticing they are nothing, have nothing and are inferior to everybody else around them. In a short time, they develop certain characteristics. They start lying, they start manipulating; they have many role models around them anyway. They constantly need to prove something. They are fighting for this constantly because of the inferiority complex they developed at an early age.

I mean, like the women in the Ottoman dynasty, or any other closed and powerful dynasty. Some of these women were masters of poisoning. They used their sexual influence to affect their men. They used their womanly tricks for their aims. Harming other women and lying were daily routines. Their only weapons were their womanhood – their lies, their tricks, their manipulative skills… That’s kind of all… If these poor women were given a proper upbringing, freedom of choice to make their own decisions and if they had felt they were equal individuals in society with equal opportunities, do you think they would lie, use their sex to obtain something, be so selfish, dramatic and low-quality? No, they would not. The Kabataş incident would not have happened if conservative girls had freedom and equal opportunities.
Meanwhile, I hear a new kind of foreplay has been added to the already colorful Turkish sex life, called the “Kabataş fantasy.” Some professionals provide it for you for $300. If you bring your own equipment like leather pants and gloves and black bandanas, then it is cheaper, I heard…