‘Mustached Kitties’ at Ankara exhibition

‘Mustached Kitties’ at Ankara exhibition

‘Mustached Kitties’ at Ankara exhibition Organized by the Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation, Ayşe Saray’s painting exhibition “Palabıyık Minnoşlar” (Mustached Kitties) opened on April 7 at And Sanat, the foundation’s new art venue in the Turkish capital Ankara. 

Accessories unique to the exhibition will also be on sale during the 34th International Ankara Music Festival, which will continue until April 20. 

The exhibition features a range of abstract paintings, graphics, animations and illustrations, questioning various issues from daily life to existentialism. 

Besides oil, acrylic and water painting, the paintings are also applied to a range of different surfaces. 

Various designs and the “Mustached Kitties” have been registered with the Turkish Brand and Patent Institute.