Moscow hosts Turkic music instruments' concert

Moscow hosts Turkic music instruments' concert

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Moscow hosts Turkic music instruments concert

Turkish music was introduced on Aug. 27 to an audience at an international festival in Moscow.

Instruments like dombra, a long-necked Kazakh lute; iklig, a three-string musical instrument; uc telli, a three-stringed baglama; kengirge, a Tuvan large double-sided drum; and saz, a Turkish long neck lute were played by Turkish World Music Group singer İrfan Gürdal and rhythm performer Şamil Ersöz.

Artists introduced the instruments with historical backgrounds and the audience was impressed by the performances.

Yunus Emre Institute will organize a session on 'Turkish Sufi-thinking and Ney' with the participation of Gazi University lecturer Mustafa Tatçı, author Leyla İpekçi and ney performer Hakan Alvan on Aug. 29 to introduce 'ney' (an end-blown flute) which is the dominant instrument in Sufi circles.