Minimum wage commission to meet next week

Minimum wage commission to meet next week

Minimum wage commission to meet next week

The parties involved in discussions on the minimum wage that will take effect in 2023 will hold their first formal meeting on Dec. 7.

Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Bilgin, Ergün Atalay, the president of Türkiye’s largest labor union Türk-İş, and Özgür Burak Akkol, the president of the Turkish Confederation of Employers’ Association (TİSK), met on Dec. 1 to decide about the schedule for the wage talks.

They agreed that the first meeting will be held on Dec. 4 and the second on Dec. 14, Atalay told reporters after the meeting.

“Whenever minimum wage discussions start, prices at the supermarkets go up. That’s why I avoided giving a certain figure [about the new minimum wage]. I hope all parties agree on pay which will please all parties and the public. We will not remain on the negotiation table if unsatisfactory proposals are made,” Atalay said.

He later said they would not accept any offer below 7,785 Türkish Liras.
Türk-İş earlier this week released a study which said the hunger threshold for a family of four was 7,785 liras in November.

Workers are also expecting improvement in work conditions and other benefits, he added, calling on the government to prevent companies from firing workers because of a hike in the minimum wage.

If the government resolves the issue regarding the retirement age, widely known as the YET problem, a large number of people could seek retirement at the same time, which will put financial pressure on companies that will face large sums in severance pay, Akkol said.

Loans at favorable terms will be provided to businesses to meet their severance pay obligations, he furthered.

The minimum wage in Türkiye was increased by 30 percent in a midyear adjustment to a net of 5,500 Turkish Liras in July. The increase came on top of the 50 percent hike in January, which brought the minimum wage to a net of 4,250 liras.

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